I Know Sidney Powell. She Is Telling the Truth

Back in 2014, I worked freelance for a public relations firm in New York City. It was there that I met an unusual woman. I didn’t know many lawyers or Texans, but I knew better than to chalk up her qualities to either her profession or her home. It’s rare that I encounter someone who I’m afraid to argue with, because of her sheer brain power and towering personal rectitude. But this was such a person.

This woman had quite a career behind her. An evangelical Christian, she’d been a federal prosecutor — and quit, outraged at the corruption she saw among her colleagues. She did more than quit. Horrified by prosecutors hiding exculpatory evidence and targeting the innocent because of their personal politics, she became a defense attorney, to help people fight the feds.

She Gave Up Everything to Expose Abusive Prosecutors

But that wasn’t enough. At a huge financial sacrifice, she took time off from her practice to write a book. And self-publish it. And hire a public relations firm to get it out to people, when media ignored it. That book, Licensed to Lie, is absolutely chilling. It shows innocent Americans, even a U.S. Senator such as Ted Stevens of Alaska, unable to defend themselves against prosecutors with vendettas. It recounts how innocent companies, like accounting firm Arthur Anderson, can be broken by biased and dishonest federal prosecutors, and left in ruins. A real-life legal horror story, the book was too disturbing for me to read it through to the end.

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From The Comment Section….. READ THIS

Powell is a serious person.
If she says she has the goods, it doesn’t matter to me how many clowns try to jump into the car with her, how floppy their shoes or shiny-red their noses… It’s real.
She’s the real thing.

This moment in time is surreal.
It’s like we are seeing Pearl Harbor and 9/11 in slow motion, and we’re being told that the Imperial Fleet and Saudi hijackers are all a figment of our imagination, a conspiracy theory.

Wayne County can’t balance its books but it should be certified, and if you object the Left is going to threaten a canvasser’s kids. Math and balancing the books, basic accounting, it’s racist! Not… we’re crooked as a dog’s hind leg. It’s all you.

Trump lawyers are doxxed, threatened. No outcry, none.
The Left’s black-clad jack-booted thugs are out there, ready to show up in your driveway to paint it with a hammer and sickle, ready to burn down your city, assault kids and the elderly, so board up your business and just be quiet, you.
Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix are going to demonetize, deplatform and censor at will, while engaging in robber-baron-levels of monopolistic behaviors… but it’s all normal, go back inside, close your door, the media’s decided that election interference is a non-thing so long as it benefits the Party.
The vote data shows obvious and glaring patterns of manipulation. Conspiracies!
Mail-in ballots are being counted with perfect circles, not a crease or a fold on them, no sign they were ever put in an envelope … but no one hits the button to stop the count, halt the assembly line, call in the DOJ, they just keep calling out biden-biden-biden 500 times in a row, no worries.
Poll watchers viewing through binoculars… stopped counts… dems cheering as republican poll watchers are ejected… counts picked up again without poll watchers present… miraculous changes in counts.

It’s like the inmates are running the asylum. All that’s left are thieves, liars, madmen and their useful idiots, and us all too polite to say anything as they walk us into the reeducation camps, the gulags and the gas chambers.

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5 Responses to I Know Sidney Powell. She Is Telling the Truth

  1. Hammers Thor says:

    So, watched the entire press conference yesterday. Below is a link to the entire thing, about an hour and a half, but well worth watching. Edited out the dead space before and after the conference, so no scrolling to the beginning.

  2. Gryphon says:

    Uh -Huh. Yeah. Sure, Right.

    Those people are standing in front of a bunch of Gold-Fringed “Admiralty Flags” that represent the Corporation doing business as “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” not the Republic of the Same Name.

    In that group, there are likely two or more individuals who are members of the Freemasons, Jesuits, Illuminati, Knights of Malta, Chabad Lubavich, Knights Templar, or any one of a Dozen “Skull & Bones- type “Fraternal Orders”. All the ‘secret societies’ that President Kennedy warned about, and was Murdered by.

    It’s a Big Swamp, and they are All In It.

    Fire Up the Woodchippers, only a “French Revolution” style of Action will Save the Republic.

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