I Post – You Decide

Wow … looks like the long-awaited birth certificate.

But wait, lookee heeeere …


One of two possibilities:

Either the YouTube analysis is bogus, or the birth certificate is a forgery.

What is the criminal penalty for forgery ?

UPDATE: “A Scary Story of Facsimilies and Forgery

UPDATE2: “…kerning…”

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3 Responses to I Post – You Decide

  1. admin says:

    I wonder why Obama spent over $1 million for legal fees to prevent the release of this certificate of live birth. I wonder why the Governor of Hawaii could not find this document. I wonder why so many on the right are pointing their fingers at “birthers”.

    As for this video, I find it hard to believe that the White House would release a layered document. If this is true, the document is a forgery and the people responsible for it should be prosecuted. Who is going to call Eric Holder?

  2. admin says:

    So I did what the media should have done and reported. I downloaded the PDF from whitehouse.gov and opened the document in Adobe Illustrator. The YouTube video is completely correct showing layers in Illustrator. These layers do not show up in Photoshop.

    So the issue will remain for all good “birthers”. Is this another misdirection by the government to distract us from the economy?

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