I Think We Can Start Celebrating

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4 Responses to I Think We Can Start Celebrating

  1. Gryphon says:

    “Start Celebrating?”

    Not until I have 33 Heads of communists on Pikes along my Driveway….

  2. bob says:

    Dam right,and we in Georgia,need Kemp and the head of the Secretary of state to be the first ones, celebrating ? For what? I waited 4Years for someone to be arrested.And so far Who’s been Arrested?NO ONE!!!

    • GenEarly says:

      Fellow Georgian, originally from NC, Both States under assault from the UniParty???
      Seems clearer and clearer day by day. And tell me “Why” I’m supposed to vote for 2 Repub Senators in Jan???
      Maybe the Sheeples need it real hard and nasty from the commie democRats before they wake up!!!
      If Trump gets an Honest Count in GA, I’ll vote for the Repubs in Jan otherwise forgetaboutit.

  3. Dr. Lon Schultz says:

    I am not sure it is time to celebrate, but I will set up pikes along the drive way, now that is a great idea!

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