I Thought Texas Would Show Us the Way

I always thought that the Lone Star State would be the first state to stand up for American principles and lead us in the fight to regain our Constitutional freedom. However South Carolina once again is leading the way for the rest of the United States to follow if we have any hope of rekindling our American spirit and future.

South Carolina previously stood tall trying to stop the ceiling debt increase in defiance of the rest of the Congress. I applaud Governor Haley for voicing her beliefs in public as opposed to Governor Perdue’s lap-dog stance with the administration.

What a difference a little defiance makes when you stand up for your convictions. David DeGerolamo

Gov. Nikki Haley: Obama ‘Cowardly,’ NLRB ‘Un-American’

In a conference call with reporters today [September 1, 2011], Republican South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley called President Barack Obama “cowardly” for not taking a position on the National Labor Relations Board’s efforts to stop Boeing from bringing 1,000 jobs to her state. She also called the NRLB itself “un-American.”

In April, the NLRB filed a complaint against Boeing alleging the aerospace company violated labor law by transferring a second airplane production plant building the 787 Dreamliner from a facility in Washington state that used union labor to a non-union plant in South Carolina, which is a right to work state.

“This president works for us. This president owes us an answer. This president owes Boeing an answer. This president owes every business in this country an answer on what he thinks of the NLRB,” Haley said during a conference call with reporters Thursday. “If he is supportive of them, say he is supportive of them. If he thinks what they are doing is wrong, say what you think is wrong. But to be silent is cowardly and is just something that is unacceptable for the president of our country.”


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