If You Can’t Fix It, Do A Comedy Routine

I watched C-Span2 in disbelief as Al Franken gave his talk on the debt ceiling today. I understand the use of hyperbole to give his view of our fiscal crisis but is this the time for theatrics on the floor of the Senate? The people of Minnesota owe our country an apology for electing a comedian to represent their interests in Congress and marginalize a serious situation with the use of a prop welcoming terrorists if the debt ceiling is not raised.

Mr. Franken should remember the consequences of theatrics in Congress: Alan Grayson lost his seat in part for his infamous “die quickly” speech:


As we watch Congress and the president debate the looming debt ceiling, the only facts that we know are:

  1. The federal employee pension plan was spent to give Congress more time to solve the crisis.
  2. No plan comes close to cutting the $4 trillion that Standard & Poor’s has set in order to maintain our triple A credit rating.
  3. The Dow Jones Industrial average has lost 3.36% in the past four trading sessions.

The stock market closed at 12,302.55 at 4:00 PM. At 4:30 PM, the after hours trading is showing 12, 245. Tim Geithner, Ben Bernanke and president Obama have all been quiet today concerning this issue. The House is promising a vote tomorrow on Rep. Boehner’s plan. Since Obama has promised to veto this legislation, it is not expected to pass the Senate. Unless a continuing resolution is agreed on, it looks like the debt ceiling will not be raised and the patriot movement can celebrate its first victory in the war to win back our freedom and limit the chains of government.

David DeGerolamo

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