Stop sending links to crackpot tax evasion websites and attorneys. Y’all don’t get it. What I am doing is the exact opposite of tax evasion. I’m not evading the IRS or the Obama regime. I’m calling the bastards out. I’m walking out to meet them. Evasion, especially in the form of sleazy litigation, is the domain of the coward and the fool. I am neither, so spare me the tax evasion “advice”.You people who subscribe to this nutty nonsense about not being under the jurisdiction of the United States because your name is typed in caps on your birth certificate, or because the American flag has gold fringe on it, or the utterly childish fantasy that if you sign your name across a postage stamp you become your own “postmaster” and thus some sort of secret force field is erected around you and the government can’t touch you, is all part and parcel of the intense psychological problems that this culture suffers from collectively. You people think that you can honestly make some legal argument with the Obama regime? With the IRS? These people are lawless, evil psychopathic criminals. You can’t argue statute with them. You can’t make ANY appeal to the Rule of Law, much less appealing to batshit nonsense, which is what all of these tax evasion fantasies are, because the Rule of Law is dead.

According to you fools, all of the Jews in Poland should have just bought a postage stamp, signed their name across it, and then when the SS came to round them up and/or summarily execute them in the street, WELL, they should have just waved their magic signed postage stamp in those mean old Nazis’ faces, and then the SS would have been frozen in their tracks!

If you believe that, you need to see a neurologist NOW and tell him that you are having schizoid delusions and are incapable of discerning the difference between fantasy and reality. Seriously.

No. There comes a time when people of integrity say “no more” and ride out to meet the enemy head-on. Will you be killed? Maybe. Probably. That isn’t the point. The point is the RIDING OUT.

In the second Lord of the Rings movie there is a scene that brilliantly demonstrates the moral action of Riding Out and meeting the enemy. And remember, The Lord of the Rings is Christian Allegory from top to bottom. That is why Tolkien wrote it. Every scene, character and group is representative of something in Christianity.

The siege of Rohan at Helm’s Deep by Saruman’s army of Uruk Hai is going badly. King Theoden is despairing. Aragorn, never losing his faith or hope, seeing Theoden’s despair, rouses him to ride out in a final charge, to die with honor and glory.

They ride out, and as they do, Gandalf, in command of the Rohirim, appears at the top of the hill to the east, fulfilling his promise. Gandalf then leads a flanking charge, the Uruk Hai are destroyed and King Theoden, Aragorn, the charging party and the survivors inside Helm’s Deep are saved.

The allegory is perfect. Christ doesn’t want us to sit on our asses and wait for Him to come along and save us, and those of you who think that is the “Christian reponse” in all of this are dead wrong. Christ wants us to RIDE OUT. He wants us make that choice because making that choice will bring us closer to Him. Just as He walked out to meet the guards who came to arrest Him in the Garden of Gethsemane, He wants us to share in that aspect of His Passion so that we can be as close to Him as possible. He wants us to have Hope in Him and to trust in Him, just as He walked out of the Garden in perfect Hope and Faith, even knowing that He was going to His death, but trusting perfectly in God the Father and the resurrection.

In order to get to the resurrection, He, and every one of us, MUST go through the Cross. There is no evasion. There was no arguing law, statute or even common decency with either the Sanhedrin, Herod Antipas, Pilate or the Mob. There was no arguing law or decency with Saruman and the Uruk Hai. There is no arguing the Natural Law, the Constitution or human decency with the Obama regime. All you can do is ride out and meet them.

The perfect template for how we are to respond and what we are to do in this situation now IS SIMPLY THE PASSION NARRATIVE. Just read the Gospels and it is clear what we are supposed to do. Imitate Christ.

“So much death. What can men do against such reckless hate?”

“Ride out with me. Ride out and meet them.”

Like Aragorn, I am riding out, and also like Aragorn, I will look to the East whence cometh my salvation. Whether that salvation is made manifest in this life, or only in the next, is of trifling importance to me.

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  1. ROGER says:

    Dear Ann, Also like the patriots on the Lexington Green where they were out numbered by a more experienced force they did their best, stood the ground as best as they could. I have been to Lexington, Bunker Hill and York Town. You have to have the end in mind as you begin the grand crusade. You know that although they may seem stronger because they lie, cheat, deceive and use illegal means you will win in the end when all that oppose you are vanquished at the resurection. Untill then I PRAY YOU GET JUDGES THAT HAVE MORALS, DON’T TAKE PAY-OFFS, AREN’T SOME POLITICAL HACK AND HAVE SUPPORT OF THE ONES YOU LOVE. gO KICK AZZ.

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