“Imagine if we all ignored the divisive elements on both sides degrading our country and focus on building a better world for our children.” David DeGerolamo

When I read this yesterday I smiled. Then I realized there is only one way to reach this future for our children and I frowned.
I’m not sure when it happened, but a point in time came and Americans divided and we are not going to come back together peacefully.
We are divided on everything. From Life to Race to, well you name it we are divided. And I mean deeply divided.

I witnessed this deep division Monday night at the Salisbury City Council meeting on the Fame Statue. A statue that has been in Salisbury since 1905 is now so offensive to a group of people that they want it removed. And the hatred that they displayed and spoke of should give you pause. They didn’t much like me calling them what they are to their face either.
We all know that there is a war coming. There is no stopping it now. We are too deeply divided and can’t even agree on the simplest of things. History has a way of repeating.
The other side views us as evil. We view them as evil. Our side prays to God that this war won’t happen. Their side well they booed God on National TV in our own backyard in Charlotte NC in 2012.
The metaphor for evil is darkness. No more than the absence of truth. A void of reality. Like darkness, Evil has no power of its own. These people on the other side are giving Evil its power.
Evil throughout time has only been defeated in one way. Violence. We are going to have to fight for this better world.
Get your head right. Prepare for what is coming. Harden your Hearts. Love the ones close to you while you can.
Decision time is fast approaching.

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2 Responses to Imagine

  1. David says:

    The political elite with the aid of the media are the root cause of the divisions in this country. Their goal is outlined in the Cloward-Piven strategy. Greed and power are their reason for being. Most Americans just want to be left alone. We do not want war. We want to keep what we earn. We do not want to subsidize our own destruction or the sloth of the “entitled”.

    There are ways to avoid a civil war:

    1. World War III.
    2. A major natural catastrophe.
    3. Alien intervention.
    4. God’s intervention.

    I don’t have to discuss WW III today based on the tension in the Middle East.

    An earth shift on its axis or an eruption at Yellowstone will cause people to realize what is important. A good example is the 1906 San Francisco earthquake that destroyed 80% of the city and the Tong’s influence at the same time.

    Most people discount aliens or their influence. I can’t help but wonder why Trump is starting a Space Force and the news concerning UFOs has been in the headlines recently. Definitely a long shot.

    God’s intervention can be direct: the second coming of Jesus. Or it may be one of the other examples above. Regardless, we are in God’s hands at this point whether we believe in Him or not.

    I pray for peace but as Cruxshadows wrote in the Eye of the Storm: There is no peace without a war.

  2. LunkerMack says:

    I had a great Uncle who was a General in the Army. He came home one day to find his wife having sex with her boyfriend. He killed them both, and faced no jail time as society was completely different back then.
    The thing I remember most about him was when I asked him if he felt bad killing people. He told us “We don’t kill people. we killed monsters who were Evil.”
    I know what he’d say about the state of affairs today…Kill the Communists like we did. How did you ever let them infiltrate into America in the first place!?

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