President Trump is tied up and dominated in an ad by the athletic apparel company Dhvani. Ad space in Times Square has been purchased to promote the brand. (Image: Twitter, Dhvani)

Imagine a country where the 1st Amendment right to free speech was still in place. Don’t believe me? Imagine the above picture with Obama instead of Trump. Dhvani says that they want to stand for truth. As usual, the other side twists the crimes that they commit and states that we are the criminals.

I wonder which lies they are referring to? But then does it matter? Like every evil thing, once a lie is exposed, they immediately move to the next one. Diversion works on the simple minded. This country will make a choice in the near future: whether that choice is based on sapience or lies will decide the fate of our children.

David DeGerolamo

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2 Responses to Imagine

  1. 173dVietVet says:

    Maybe that North Carolina gun shop can make an Obama version using a pink pussy hatted LGBT “WARRIOR” !!

  2. Hans says:

    The NYT article cited above states:

    “Another image on Dhvani’s Twitter feed feature Mr. Trump surrounded by five women while one of his captors holds duct tape in front of his mouth.”

    And NYT echos the Dhvani claim “We are 100% against violence.”

    Glaring example of cognitive dissonance from a company based on the left-coast that makes yoga clothes for chubby chicks.

    Not worth any further attention …

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