Imagine an alien race of beings contacting Earth with a demand that we have to destroy all nuclear weapons with a specified time frame. If we did not comply, they have the ability to detonate any or all nuclear warheads to achieve the same goal. I suspect our world “leaders” would need an example detonation before making their decision.

I doubt many people are familiar with the terms synbio or CRISPR. I also doubt that many people know that biological weapons have been developed by world governments for the same reasons as nuclear weapons. “But we have the vaccine if we deploy a biological agent against a foreign government” is the fail safe which gives some rationality to this insane policy.

It does not matter if I believe that HB-19 is manmade or not. It is here and it has shown the world what one RNA virus can do to the best laid plans of mice and men. If this is a manmade virus, whoever comes up with the vaccine is probably the one who did make it.

But let’s move on. What about the next one? This is not idle speculation but an eventuality. How can we “flatten the curve” to reduce the next one?

  1. All world governments must destroy their biological weapons and laboratories. Immediately.
  2. The consequences of releasing a biological agent (accidentally or intentionally) must be defined. We can never have another incident like what was done in New York’s subways.
  3. We need to educate people. As a nation, our people do not understand biological science and medicine. Imagine if everyone had to pass an EMT 1 course in order to graduate high school. A rudimentary understanding of medical sanitation practices would have gone a long way to minimizing this pandemic.

Let’s start using current events to build a better future.

David DeGerolamo

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  1. oldtimer505 says:

    These are great points but, they are not realistic, pure and simple.

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