Imagine How Bad This Is If the Communists Are Alarmed

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4 Responses to Imagine How Bad This Is If the Communists Are Alarmed

  1. Jose says:

    Did NYC also create a Catholic patrol or one for Jews, Chinese, Lutherans, Mormons, etc? Commie Central created this Muslim Sharia patrol for what purpose? I left NYC as soon as I could. It has only become a third world shit hole. The evidence grows each day.

  2. Sayedna Gregori says:

    The Supreme Law of the Land in the United States is the Constitution of the United States, Sharia law (Islam), Canon Law (Catholic Church), nor any other religion’s laws are NOT part of the Constitution or our legal system. Muslims have absolutely NO right, legally or otherwise to tell American citizens, living in their own country, what they can wear, what they can or cannot eat or drink, or where they can or cannot go. It is high time that Congress steps up to the plate and does the job they were elected to do and defend the Constitution, if they are unable or unwilling to do that job, then very soon WE THE PEOPLE will step up and do it ourselves, even if it means removing every Muslim in this country, by force if necessary, and shipping them back to the sandbox of their choice. We do not have, want or need separate Muslim areas or neighborhoods in any of our cities, towns or states. If the Muslims want to continue to live here in OUR country, and if they want to be treated with respect, then they MUST live by OUR laws, respect OUR traditions and customs, and STOP demanding special treatment and accommodations NOT afforded to non-Muslim American citizens, be it in our schools, places of work or anyplace else in the country.. Accept or get the hell out and go back to the litter box you came from.

  3. Gail Morgan says:

    These muslims DO NOT WANT TO BE AMERICAN !!!!! They want to colonize in our cities and every state and when theres enough of them, they will rise up to try to take our country away. Guess what. Aint gonna happen. We know how to deal with filth, so bring it on. These sand crabs need to be shipped back to where ever it is they came from now!!!!!! If you dont like our culture, LEAVE !! There are planes and ships leaving ever day. Pick one and get the hell out !!

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