Imagine If America Disarmed

A distinct possibility. However, the use of nuclear weapons as deterrents also is a distinct possibility. What if America was being disarmed from within? By the political elite who would sell our country for their own greed for insatiable power. Open borders, massive federal spending on social engineering to buy votes and enslaving our youth so that they accept and promote Communism. Immorality, attacking Judaism and Christianity, media propaganda and a two-tiered justice system are just trade craft to achieve their goals. So where does the US military fit in with their objectives?

The real question: If Americans were disarmed, how fast would the Deep State overtly take control of the government and open “re-education camps”?

David DeGerolamo

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1 Response to Imagine If America Disarmed

  1. Timothy E. Tucker says:

    Hillary mentioned sending the deplorables off to visit “fun camps”, if elected. Due to controlled media and censored comms,You might not hear about any ops until the armored personel carriers head up your road. Never give up your means of self defense. I think we can agree that the deep state is probably watching all of us that are on to them.

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