Imagine If Congressmen Could Be Prosecuted for Lying

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5 Responses to Imagine If Congressmen Could Be Prosecuted for Lying

  1. Hadenoughalready says:

    I don’t understand why they can’t be. It makes no sense, They’re supposed to set precedent, be our “example”. So why aren’t they???
    It’s no wonder that our society is lawless. Just look at the leadership they have to follow…DISGUSTING!
    If these were our parents, back in the day, they’d be arrested for child abuse and neglect.

  2. Rudy K. says:

    Imagine if they could be executed for the slimy scumbags they are.

  3. Matt says:

    That SOB doesn’t need to be prosecuted. He needs to be persecuted and tortured until he gives a truthful confession.

  4. Bricky says:

    He would be prosecuted if his own state elected officials, citizens of his California state or the federal government executed public corruption laws.

    Good reads
    Violations of Ethics and Public Corruption Laws: Penalties

  5. Bricky says:

    Laws governing recall in Virginia

    List of the Recall campaigns in Virginia

    Current recall campaigns in the States

    Constitution Society
    Call to Arms: Historical Background — Virginia Militia in the War for Independence, from PBS

    Constitutional Defense

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