Immigration and Partisan Politics

House Bill 36 was on the agenda for the Government Committee on May 19th, 2011. This bill would “require counties, municipalities, entities who contract with a government agency in this state, and their subcontractors to use the Federal E-Verify program”. As shown in the following videos, the partisan divide in evident in this committee. Since this legislation would require contractors to follow the same guidelines currently in place for all new state employees, the arguments against it are made purely for political pandering.

I want to extend my thanks to representatives H. WarrenG. Cleveland and D. Folwell (all Republicans) for sponsoring this legislation. The measure barely passed the approval of this committee and it is now headed to the infamous Judiciary Subcommittee A. Let’s hope that this legislation will be released for a floor vote on its second and third reading.

Part 1


Part 2


This video was also made from this hearing’s proceedings. Guilford County should hold their heads low for this representative’s election:



Any politician who puts the welfare of illegal aliens above their constituents and the state of North Carolina should be exposed for this blatant disregard of the public trust and our fiscal solvency. What would Sam Adams have done?

Hint: look left


David DeGerolamo

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One Response to Immigration and Partisan Politics

  1. Brittanicus says:


    You wouldn’t think that the illegal immigrant occupation of America would have anything to do with any conspiracy theory? Do I believe in conspiracies? Never did, but something turned up that seems to have a lot of credence to it? Each day Americans worry about feeding their families, paying mortgages or even the 15 million still seeking work? At the same time States adjoining Georgia or Alabama, less lenient States are angry that hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens may be heading their way? Same situation with Arizona as new policing laws could have countless numbers of illegal immigrant families will find a sanctuary in California and Nevada, with lax laws. Specifically if you believe in the reams of classified information appearing from that very controversial website Wikileaks

    A covert document recently released by WikiLeaks discloses a elevated level of information between the US and Canadian Ambassador Paul Celluci promoting a merger of the United States, Canada, and Mexico as plans for “North American Integration,” also called “North American Union.” into pathway for a future North American “single market and a possible single currency.” For at least a decade investigators and whistle-blowers have attempted to warn the public relating to integration of the nations of Canada, Mexico and the United States of America and have been met with devastating mockery. The Wikileaks document unmistakably indicates that the agenda is to avoid the US in protecting citizens from terrorists or diseases from interfering with trade and other economic interests.

    This agenda would be united with joint electronic security perimeter with a reduced amount of focus on physical borders. Are the American people to understand that the 20 million plus illegal aliens imported here, including border crossers and visa overstays was a treasonous intentional move to integrate the American culture, with people of every nationality? Is this undeniable proof that this is been deliberate moving on the part of previous and today’s administrations? Was President Bush’s Social Security Administration (SSA) recently signed in June 2004 a highly controversial accord that could add millions of Mexicans, some who worked here illegally, to the Social Security rolls associated with (NAU) North American Union? Is this why the 2006 Secure Fence Act was dismantled, by two Republican Texas Senators and unfunded? That the original two layer fence topped with concertina razor wire remains a dream.

    Is this yet another reason why, the Democrats and Republicans have put every obstacle in the way of the business policing E-Verification program and the criminal national fingerprinting using Secure Communities ICE databases? Are both parties instrumental in this anti-sovereignty merger, forcing on the American citizens millions of foreign nationals demonstrating in the streets of every city and town? US politicians advocating to the North American assimilation plans are claiming “our immigration systems are broken” when in fact the immigration systems have been compromised by those pressing for a merger of the populations of the three countries? Perhaps this is why they want the 1986 Immigration Control & Reform Act rescinded as it’s an impediment to this cause? These secret documents reveal a well developed plan that advocates secrecy, with an incremental approach as not to alarm the public.

    It’s more important than ever to join the PEOPLES party, the TEA PARTY. The Tea Party is for all legal Americans, naturalized citizens and those holding green cards. This un-American movement will not be tolerated, and should never be ratified without a national referendum. Our country is a nation of laws, especially when it comes to integration of other countries. Currently the Democrats desire to force on—ALL—the American peoples a new Amnesty, cloaked in Immigration Reform. Indirectly the Dream Act would have the same purpose, allowing these Students to sponsor family members. Chain Migration is already accelerating and costing Americans billions of dollars a year. Sanctuary states are another enigma, which is about sheltering foreign nationals which is California’s and Nevada’s cross to bare. It’s unfortunate we don’t follow the same laws as countries in Europe, which is using a “PointsSystem” for legal immigration. Offering entry visas to the highly skilled people with profession experience in their specialized occupation, as they will not end up in the welfare offices? Today, in most cases through illegal immigration the American people are serving on a plate education to illegal children, free treatment in emergency rooms. Join the Tea Party or after reading the Wikileak document, you should start plying your representatives in Washington, State or even local level for answers? Contact them at Senate—202-224–3121/ House—202-225–3121.

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