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Diversity rocks the Rockettes



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New York, NY–The Rockettes have announced their intention to comply with the Supreme Court’s ruling that exemptions must be made for employees whose religious obligations may conflict with employer dress code policies. The Supreme Court verdict, which was handed down earlier this year, requires Abercrombie and Fitch to make a religious exemption for an employee who wished to wear Muslim garb in the form of a hijab, despite the fact that the company’s policy explicitly prohibits the wearing of any headwear not sold by the chain of fashion outlets.

That case centered on an employee who did not wear the religious head-covering to her job interview with the store’s manager. The Rockettes did not give an official statement, but sources close to the organization say that this case is different because the employee was already a Rockette for several years before recently converting to Islam. The SCOTUS ruling against A&F makes it a criminal offense to prevent the dancer from wearing clothing required by her faith on the job.

An unnamed Broadway critic for one notable publication admires her progressive courage, saying off the record, “I envision a day when all of the Rockettes will have the courage to follow this bold act of modesty. She has really challenged the status-quo and is bringing decency back to the stage.” But critics of the SCOTUS ruling are asking, “Where do we draw the line? For example, are we now forced to allow tribal medicine men and satanic high priests to wear their religious costumes while acting in their capacity as bankers, lawyers, and government service employees?

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  1. Phil says:

    The lefty loon companies are caught in there own web of deceit. I surely dont feel sorry for them and neither should you. All they do is push sodomite and lesbian behavior on there customers and along with that they are pushing pedophilia and Transgenderism as if it was some normal behavior. really folks, all of these scumbag Bolshevik corporations need to be dealt a blow by the American people, boycott the whore slob bastards.

  2. tayronachan says:

    This is a joke, right?

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