Indian village ‘court’ orders gang rape of woman as punishment for boyfriend

Suspects in the gang-rape case are led by police to a district courthouse in Birdhum district Thursday.

By Alexander Smith, NBC News contributor

Village elders in India ordered the gang rape of a 20-year-old woman after they found out she was in a relationship with a man from a different community, police said Thursday.

Police in a rural part of West Bengal arrested 13 people in connection with the alleged offense that left the woman in critical condition in the hospital, police told the BBC.

“The relationship was going on for almost five years,” Birbhum police chief C. Sudhakar said. “When the man visited the woman’s home on Monday with the proposal of marriage, villagers spotted him and organized a kangaroo court.

“During the ‘proceedings,’ the couple were made to sit with hands tied.”

Sudhakar told the BBC that the elders took action because the woman was from their tribal community and her boyfriend was from a non-tribal community nearby.


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