Information Update

Dow Jones: down 710

Gold: up and down all day, currently down $6

9mm ammunition available from our distribution chain: 0

223 ammunition available from our distribution chain: 0

Reloading supplies (powder, bullets, primers) available our distribution chain: 0

COVID-19 lockdowns are on the increase

Trump calls out the national guard in Washington, D.C. to protect our national monuments from the Democrat backed anarchists including Black Lives Matters which Glenn Beck will document tonight on his Wednesday night update.

Just another day before the CWII starts.

David DeGerolamo

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13 Responses to Information Update

  1. And now dimwit Cooper is forcing me to wear a mask😷🤬

    • GenEarly says:

      Cooper and Coonman two democRat peas in a pod. No such mask mandates in GA.

    • Rabbi will McCubbins says:

      Cooper can’t. force anything. . It’ll be the thugs behind the badge that will do the forcing. Well after they take a knee in front of some looters. Defund the cops now!

  2. KevinD says:

    Good to see you on Parler; appreciate your input and updates -- thank you

  3. KevinD says:

    That is the plan of every democrat gov -- stall/delay as long as they can, and to the NC businesses caught in the crossfire, a big FU

  4. Brewer55 says:

    What is your Parler profile name? I’ll follow. Also, I’ve been following Glenn Beck for about 10 years now. He’s taken a lot of undeserved heat from the left, and the right. He said all this would happen years ago and he was mocked.

  5. Dr. Lon Schultz says:

    I am surprised that there is still debates about wearing a mask. While I don’t believe our leaders have been granted the power under the Constitution to force or mandate the wearing of mask, helmets or seat belts, no matter how sensible it is! Please wear a mask, pick another battle, there are plenty! On the other hand I won’t take their vaccine, I just don’t trust them.

    • David says:


    • Rabbi will McCubbins says:

      What if you are ordered to take a vaccine and the police enforce it? Because that is coming. So you better decide what your willing to do about it right now.

      • a follower says:

        Fear leads the day!
        Wear a mask or leave the store, no goods,no service!
        Even though the stats have been lies!
        Get the vaccine, it is for your good,and the good of others. Do you think of others or just your -self?
        Get the vaccine or else? No goods no service?
        Is this what is coming?

  6. Dr. Lon Schultz says:

    Rabbi, I have several lines in the sand, vaccines are one of them. I have watched tyranny unfold across this nation for fifty years, I am tired of it and ready. My wife just bought me a new T shirt it says victory or Valhalla; I don’t really believe in the myth, but it is my current sentiment!

    I take some vaccines, the ones that work with few side effects. This new one they are rushing in for maximum proffits, with little testing, I won’t take! I just don’t trust them.

    There is an old saying I try to remember, ” never subscribe to a conspiricy, when simple stupidity will suffice”. This doesn’t mean I don’t believe in conspiricies, I do, all men conspire to improve their condition, just not at another’s expence. The rich and powerful seem to prefer to do it at our expence.

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