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Intelligence Requirements: Ebola

by Sam Culper

A friend and I started talking about Ebola and intelligence requirements, so we have some intelligence requirements for everyone.  Let’s crowdsource some OSINT gathering.  I’ll give away a free course through the Culper Institute($49-$99 value) and a Digital Subscription to Forward Observer Magazine ($24 value) to the Most Valuable Collector.  To qualify, you must EMAIL ME your intelligence information [culper (at) hushmail dot com] in paragraph format.  At the end of each paragraph, you must provide the source of the information along with which PIR/IR it answers.  For instance:

1. The average death rate of Ebola in the past ten years is X%, from cases in Libera, Sierra Leone, etc.  (Source: (IR#2)

2. The airport with the greatest volume of flights from Ebola-affilicated nations is La Guardia Int’l Airport in New York.  (  (PIR#1, IR#1)

Here’s your real world fire mission:


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