Interesting: MUSC Health lays off 900 in response to ‘unprecedented’ financial deficits from COVID-19

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) – Officials with MUSC Health say they are temporarily laying off 900 health care team members and are reducing pay for employees.

Every member of the MUSC Health team will see some impact to their pay, including a 20% reduction for leaders, a 15% reduction for salaried employees and a reduction in work hours for hourly paid employees who do not provide direct patient care, according to a statement by MUSC.

MUSC officials emphasize that at this time, frontline health care team members, who have already seen fewer work hours due to COVID-19 response, will not see any additional pay cuts so that MUSC Health can continue to be prepared to face the public health crisis as it unfolds.

According to MUSC President David J. Cole, the health care network is implementing what they are calling a “workforce realignment” as the network works through “unprecedented and serious” financial deficits from the COVID-19 epidemic.

Cole released a letter to staff on Monday stating that the demands and “health care delivery imbalances” originating from the treatment of the virus have placed the hospital in significant financial duress.

Cole said the “workforce realignment” affects every employee of MUSC Health.

He said hard decisions will be made which will impact team members and their families.


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