Interpretive Dunce

We present a poem written by former flavor-of-the-month Beto O’Rourke who, at the time (1988), was using the pen name Psychedelic Warlord so his intellectual musings would be taken seriously. No, really.

In the service of art, and to more accurately portray what goes on in the self-obsessed psyche of a Liberal intellect, we have not changed a single word.


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I have to ask:

  1. Why did this information not come out when Beto was running against Ted Cruz for the US Senate?
  2. Will any of the donors to his campaign recount their previous support?
  3. Will this pretend Mexican have any political future unless he drops out (and is paid off like Bernie Sanders in 2016)?
  4. How did someone like this become a credible Democrat Presidential candidate?

The last question is the most important. Looking at Ms. Williamson, Mr. O’Rourke, Ms. Gillibrand (out), Mr. de Blasio, Mr. Yang, Mr. Castro, Mr. Booker and the rest of the field, there are no Democrat candidates other than Tulsi Gabbard who have the character to be President. Joe Biden has dementia on display, Bernie Sanders has never done a honest day’s work in his life and someone should explain to Kamala Harris that you cannot sleep your way to the Presidency. And I do not want to see Mr. Buttigieg kissing his “husband” now or in the White House.

David DeGerolamo

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3 Responses to Interpretive Dunce

  1. LunkerMack says:

    The more we witness the Left falling into depravity, (or just letting their masks fall off) the more I believe TINVOWOOT. I believe it will be game on when Trump leaves office…if not sooner.

  2. magrit11 says:

    the more basic question is “how did any of these candidates get elected to their current of past office. Is the electorate really that stupid, or is there that much corruption in the ballot box.

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