Iran Spanks Obama


Iran has learned a valuable lesson from our “leaders”. When negotiating (or dictating), continue to increase your demands as the process (legislation) unfolds. Have you ever asked a politician to quantify the term “fair share”?The answer in their mind is always “more”.

Whether Iran is trying to buy time or “negotiating” with the ridiculous John Kerry on behalf of the pResident is not relevant. The only question on the table is how long before Israel acts to resolve this untenable situation.

David DeGerolamo

Iran: No Nuke Deal Until West Lifts ‘All Sanctions’

Senior Iranian officials now say that Tehran will not suspend its contested nuclear enrichment program until the West first agrees to lift all economic sanctions on the country.

Tehran issued its new demands on Tuesday, just days after Western nuclear negotiators failed to hammer out a deal to halt Iran’s contested enrichment program for at least six months.

Top Iranian officials now say that they will only continue negotiations if the West agrees to first lift the crippling economic sanctions that originally pushed Tehran to the bargaining table.

The developments came on the same day that Iran’s top nuclear official announced that the country would not be reporting a host of new nuclear facilities to international nuclear inspectors.

“We can negotiate about suspending part of our nuclear activities only if the entire sanctions program is annulled,” said Ahmad Salek, chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s Cultural Commission.


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