IRS “determining who to audit and who not to.”


… the IRS will have to do a cost-benefit analysis when determining which tax ‘fraudsters’ to chase.

‘Equal treatment under the law’ and ‘Ignorance of the law is no excuse’ are catch phrases common to almost every American. Back in the day when justice did, indeed, operate in our country, at least more often than not, these phrases meant something. Today, apparently not. When the bureaucrats pick and choose who to audit based on political considerations and ‘cost benefit,’ equality under the law is over.

When Jesse Ventura became Governor of the State of Minnesota, he visited the office of the Minnesota Attorney General. He found leather bound books from floor to ceiling on three walls of that office. When Governor Ventura inquired as to what the volumes contained, the Attorney General responded that they held all the laws of the State of Minnesota. To this Governor Ventura exclaimed, “I thought ignorance of the law is no excuse, but how could anyone know all these laws?”

Indeed Governor. How could they? And then add all the Federal laws, including the tax laws that even the IRS can’t keep track of, to the burden. Now, Obamacare leads us into a whole new height of madness. We’re all criminals now!

Americans have suffered the unconstitutional and fraudulently imposed ‘income tax’ for many decades with more and more folks simply failing to file each year. Perhaps we are approaching a period where not the level of the taxation (which is immoral and confiscatory as it stands) but the shear incomprehensibility of the rules will cause the majority of Americans to reach the point, as they have with their firearms, of saying ‘molon labe’, come and take it … if you can, and just no longer filing a return.

For a list of 47 new taxes imposed by the Obamanation of Obamacare, read on …

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