Is a Flood Coming or A Civil War?

I often wonder what will be the final straw for the people to realize that they have no choice but to stand up to tyranny and take back our country. We may not have long to find out. The level of evil that has permeated the federal government is being brought out into the light. How will we react? Especially if the Deep State’s covert overthrow of the government launches an all out assault to replace the Constitution?

Stay tuned and buckle up.

David DeGerolamo


“Flood Is Coming”: New Comey-McCabe Emails Suggest CNN And FBI Coordination Over Steele Dossier

Several new strings have been tacked across the corkboard in the rapidly unraveling 2016 election scandal. Recently obtained FBI emails shed light on what appears to have been high-level coordination between the FBI and CNN surrounding the release of the infamous “Steele” dossier.

In an April leak of the Comey memos, we learned that the former FBI Director briefed then-President-Elect Donald Trump on the dossier on January 6, 2017 after he wrote in a memo that various news outlets – “CNN in particular” – were “looking for a news hook,” and would soon be reporting on it.

“I said media like CNN had [the dossier] and were looking for a news hook,” Comey wrote of his interaction with Trump.

CNN, on the other hand, considered Comey’s meeting with Trump to have legitimized the document – making it their journalistic responsibility to report on it. 


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