Frank Roche has written an article on The Roche Record detailing his thoughts on the possibility of civil unrest in the United States (see excerpt below). Since is dedicated to presenting both sides of issues, I felt it would be fair to post since I would include myself as one in the “blogosphere” who is maintaining upcoming civil unrest (see Summer of Fire 2011).

The only question that the readers must ask themselves is whether they would rather be safe than sorry. The headlines today show a bleak future:

Nasdaq Turns Negative for Year…
Fed to Announce ‘Final Bond Purchases’ Today…
Tex. Sheriff Issues Domestic Terrorism Warning…
REPORT: Taxpayers on hook for federal contractors’ retirement costs…
Another Housing Drop Predicted…
U.S. Stocks Drop as Dow Average Heads for Longest Weekly Slump Since 2002

On a related topic, tickets are preselling quickly for the Sensible Mountain Preparedness Seminar on June 18th.

David DeGerolamo

Aboslutely not!
Frank Roche

There is a good deal of talk on the airwaves and in the blogoshpere about the coming civil unrest (read violent protests) in America due to economic challenges, percieved unaccountable governing bodies, and/or continued movement away from our constitutional principles.  The reasons remain varied and vague, though the certainty some have that civil unrest is about to take down America is alarming.

The underlying point of the conversation is socio-economic, focused on certain demographic cores in urban and rural America.

What have we come to as a citizen body such that the challenges America faces today can cause some of us to believe they are insurmountable, and the only way to have a better America is to first tear it down and start over?  Tear it down, there won’t be any starting over.  When one even does just a cursory review of American history it seems obvious American citizens of every class and every race have faced larger challenges in our past than we are facing at this moment in our history.  What gives?

We’ve become soft.  We’ve built a dependency culture for significant numbers of our less fortunate fellow citizens.  We’ve shifted our ideology left of center and forgotten about what made America great:  our system.  It is our system of government, our system of societal organization, our system of family organization, our system of economic freedom, our system of personal responsibility and the power of the individual, our system of defending ourselves and our unique global interests that made us great.  It has been the failure of Liberalism that has brought us to the point where civil unrest is discussed openly and with a strong degree of certainty.


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  1. Hans says:

    Regarding Frank’s myoptic viewpoint:

    “What would civil unrest accomplish in the short or medium term? Would it fill those unmet needs of the less fortunate? It would not solve one single ill motivating the unrest.”

    The agenda of the Progressives has been active since Reconstruction, not merely the last 40 years.

    The agenda has never been to improve the circumstances of ‘unfortunates’. The goal of the Progressive movement is the destruction of capitalism and subsequent transfer of wealth and power to their elite rulers.

    It’s just that simple.

  2. Frank says:

    Hans, how far back do you want to go to avoid being myopic? We can go back to dates earlier than reconstruction if you really want to get to the origins our 2011 problems. Of course, for the sake of our debate against Progressives today we need only go back to the 1960’s.

    • Hans says:

      We can go as far back as needed to prune the roots of evil. But my comment was intended to focus on the propositional, rather than the temporal, myopia of your article.

      You appear to have missed the point of my quotation from your article:

      Progressivism has never been about improvement of the less fortunate. Civil unrest is a subordinate goal of Progressives in order to effect change in power.

  3. DJ6ual says:

    This is one piece of a really BIG plot. As the #october2011 movement approaches it is important people become educated on the dots out there and how to connect them.
    Chile’s Economy Collapse Set Up as Model for US
    EU Creation Set Up as Model for Global Governance
    Greece Society Collapse Set Up as Model for US
    Wiki-Leaks Releases Proof that US and Obama is Behind the Civil Unrest in the Middle East
    Research on Shows Connection to Obama thru ACORN (George Soros).
    US and Obama is Obviously behind the coming Civil Unrest in America.
    June 2011 -- Bilderberg Group Meeting
    June 2011 -- Media begins Reporting Impending Civil Unrest in America / The American Spring
    June 2011 -- George Soros funded Orgs and Individuals Announce Plan to have Civil Unrest on October 6th
    Obama Wants Civil Unrest on the Streets of America.
    Our Corrupted Elected Officials Want Civil Unrest on the Streets of America.
    The Bilderberg Group Wants Civil Unrest on the Streets of America.
    Terrorists and Muslim Extremists Want Civil Unrest on the Streets of America.
    The New World Wants Civil Unrest on the Streets of America.
    …..and we are all feeding the machine…
    October 6th, 2011
    Civil Unrest on the Streets of America,_2011_WARNING_Civil_Unrest_on_the_Streets_of_America.html
    Are you an American, or a person living in America?,_or_a_person_living_in_America.html

  4. wayne says:

    we’ve faced unrest before but nothing like this, tens of millions of unemployed and over 40 million on food stamps. the US fed starting and fighting draining our rescources on endless foreign wars that benefit no one but govt contractors and an ever expanding middle east entity. the govt itself trying to pass draconian laws and rules against the people nullifying the bill of rights and constitution, all of you on here you ain’t seen nothing yet to what’s going to come. tens of millions of hungry people aren’t going to set down and talk.

  5. 30-30 says:

    i don’t see the need for the preaching all who read this and visit sites like this have similar views , maybe the world is not so scary and maybe there is less conspiracy,than theory

  6. walt willis says:

    Pray for peace and prepare for war…
    It don’t matter if we win or lose, all we need to do is get a bit of the hair of the dog that bit us!
    You have been warned!

  7. Paul Rodman says:

    Start with Obama’s promises in his campaign and his speeches, his promises. Has he ever lied to us? Then start with fast & furious up to now and all the “phony scandals.” These progressive punks are intentionally bringing this country down…I think that’s what the racist said in one of his speeches, ” Fundamental change has come to America.” I mean..did ya’ll know that a high member of the Muslim Brotherhood is working for the DHS,?? Instead of trying to understand peoples different interpretations, look at the common sense facts. I could go on and on and ya’ll know it…sadly, it’s time to look in the mirror and have a one on one conversation about this and ask yourself one question….Whatcha gonna do about it.
    Reality can be a bitch…..

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