Is it time to start freaking out and flipping tables?

I saw this picture on Ann Barnhardt’s site and was reminded how often people twist the words of our Lord to suit their own viewpoints. I was recently told that Jesus was a Socialist. This brought back memories of the rally at the State Capitol in Raleigh in 2009 supporting the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act.  I remember the speaker spewing the same rhetoric to their crowd of 200 people. People who were paid to be shipped in from Wilmington, Goldsboro and Greensboro on luxury buses. I also remember wondering where did they get the funds for a stage and sound system: all I had was my megaphone. Of course that was before the Raleigh police shut me down and treated me like a criminal for even asking what their protocol for the rest of event was. At least the Capitol Police were nice as they escorted me off of the Capitol grounds for asking where this rally had gotten their money for the event’s speakers and equipment (with my megaphone).

So what is the point? It is actually twofold. First, our protests, rallies and petitions failed in 2009 and I do not see any reason to think a petition will have any impact to regain our freedom. The time for petitions is over as George Washington realized early concerning any dealings with British tyranny.

The second point comes back to the picture above. The federal government’s goal was to transfer personal responsibility and faith to the state. The results of the last election show that they have succeeded with a majority of the population. In order to accomplish this goal, they had to marginalize the church and falsely accuse Jesus of being a Socialist to further their goals. When the money changers defiled the Temple of the Lord, Jesus overturned their tables and chased them out. He clearly understood that the line in the sand had been crossed and dealt with the evil in His presence.

Our efforts should never be about personal achievements and we must always ask for divine guidance for the duration of the impending civil war. Is it time to start freaking out and flipping tables? All patriots who believe in Liberty and a free future for their children know the answer: it is already past time to stand up to tyranny.

David DeGerolamo


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