Is It Too Early?

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How do we know when it is time to shoot the bastards as stated above? Soon? Tomorrow? Today? I suppose we should first define who “they” are. I recently saw someone post the old Pogo cartoon where he met the enemy and it is us. There are too many delineations concerning the two adversaries in this current civil war and that is done purposefully. However, the delineations are mainly made on our side to weaken us.

So the enemy is us since this is a civil war. The best way to draw the lines between the two sides is to see who is fighting because only one side is fighting. Unfortunately for our side, the other side’s fighters are true believers today. Tomorrow they will be useful idiots who will become the remnants of the garbage heap as all useful idiots in history finally reside. The other side is simply the government and media controlled by the Deep State. This is the most formidable force in history: they have control of the money supply, taxation, propaganda, military, education and supply lines. Let’s face it: they control everything and record everything.

They do have several vulnarabilities:

  1. The United States has a large geographic area which would require extensive resources to keep under control.
  2. Their successful plan to control education over the past generation has resulted in a work force and younger population of idiots. They may be useful idiots today but tomorrow, they will be discarded in the normal fashion as stated above.
  3. They rely on high tech to gather and maintain information. Data hacks or dumps can result in massive intelligence coups.
  4. Low tech measures with security will defeat high tech.
  5. They have eliminated national pride and marginalized religion as they seized power. Never underestimate the power of freedom and faith under tyranny.
  6. They have no morals. This allows everyone in power to be suspicious of everyone else. Doubt can easily be used to our advantage.
  7. Power means everything to them. They will do anything to maintain it which erodes their base and internal trust.
  8. Their have no credibility. We already see this today: no one or no government organization has credibility. While propaganda is successfully used to divide us, it takes continual effort to keep us distracted.
  9. As they centralize power and supplies, the progs will suffer shortages and deprivations. A hungry belly can be a good motivator when supplies depots are raided and redistributed.
  10. They always overplay their hand. Pride and greed result in corruption in all branches of government. As we just saw in Western North Carolina, the Republican Party, Asheville TEA Party, GRNC and various pundits sold out the people by anointing a swamp creature to replace Mark Meadows. The collusion was self-evident and the people defeated it. This may have been a small victory overall but it is still a success and model for a moral people.

The question comes back to when. Pray for guidance and site in your rifles.

David DeGerolamo

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8 Responses to Is It Too Early?

  1. Truth-in-Tension says:


    Very good article. I would like to thank you for all of your efforts. Regards,

  2. JVW says:

    Good article

  3. 3h8jeq2 says:

    Excellent post David. God Bless America

  4. Stumpknocker says:

    “Pray for guidance and site in your rifles.” Thank you sir, I will be relaying that.

  5. Bill says:

    This seems to be the ultimate question. What is that final line in the sand that will bring patriots together to act in concert to crush the Marxist movement to overthrow our constitutional republic? I believe citizens are ready and able, but want to act righteously and be constitutionally sanctioned. I know my lines in the sand, no further abuse of my protections afforded by the bill of rights. I believe what may happen is overt actions against people resisting thus leading to physical force by government authorities then leading to armed resistance by those being repressed.

  6. a follower says:

    1. “How do we know when it is time to shoot the bastards as stated above? Soon? Tomorrow? Today?”
    Because that ‘to you’ this is when the war starts?
    2. ” The best way to draw the lines between the two sides is to see who is fighting because only one side is fighting. Unfortunately for our side, the other side’s fighters are true believers today.”
    i consider this bull. Perhaps people who think and feel this way are just short on ammunition, there are many positive ways to fight a war before the shooting commences.(if it must.)
    Both sides are fighting and,both sides have “True believers.” Both sides have people who believe in lies, and are clearly wrong!
    Perhaps if you think ‘you’ are doing and accomplishing nothing, you are the one who is on the wrong path?How is your personnel connection to God? How is your home,your family? Referencing this post-
    And i reject most of this way,and school of self pity and thought. This boils down to another flawed attempt to nudge others over the line.
    And if you need to ask, “Is it to early, then YES it is!

  7. Gryphon says:

    “Civil War” is when two (or more) Political Factions are Fighting for Control of the ‘government’.
    What we are faced with is, the Political Faction that Controls the ‘government’ is using it to Oppress the Majority, while claiming a “majority” support them. The concept of a “republican form of government” under a Constitution that recognizes the Inalienable Rights of the People has been completely Ignored by those now in ‘Control’ of the government.

    We need a (second) Revolution against these bolshevik communists.

    “When is it Time?” Give them enough Rope, and they will Hang themselves, as their manufactured Chaos destroys the ‘system’ that allows them to Live.

  8. Bear says:

    We are well into the time where we are watching the enemy forces gather. We see much and from past actions we can extrapolate some possibilities. But we are ultimately in a defensive posture and still watching and waiting. The time will likely come when it is very clear when it’s time to go off leash.

    My thoughts:
    They want us to react harshly, so they can spin the narrative that we are the aggressors.
    They want President Trump to declare martial law so they can again soon the narrative and say “see we told you the President won’t leave office”
    Be patient and continue to use this time wisely. Get right with God. Work to build up a community. Get physically and mentally prepared. Build relationships with local law enforcement and let them know that you have their backs. Gather all the intelligence you can about your county. Develop a roster of known lefties, neighbors, city and county officials, judiciary members. Learn who team commie is as much was you can. I could go on and on. Vigilance is demanded now as we weather this difficult defensive posture. Shape your sector, identify enemy locations, gangs.

    Stay low, move fast, shoot first, die last.

    God Bless y’all

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