Is This the Trigger?

A perfect storm is brewing across America’s inner cities of extreme wealth inequality, record-high unemployment, an economic crash, hatred towards cops, and months of lockdowns. All there needed to be was a trigger to ignite the unrest, that trigger could be the death of George Floyd. 



No one knows what the trigger will be but it is the closest it has ever been. I have no doubt this will spread across the country and the civil unrest for which Trump has already prepared, will be seen as either prescient or provocative. Can you imagine the two national political conventions in Milwaukee and Charlotte (tentative)? Then again, I believe we will see this unfold very quickly and August is far away in this time frame.

The question for today: what are you doing in your community to address this new issue? Most people in flyover country are in good shape. Those of you in a city under lockdown with high food prices and unstocked shelves are in some serious trouble.

David DeGerolamo

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