Isn’t This How We Got Here?

The discussions and facts concerning an impending economic collapse have been an ongoing source of contention since the last presidential election. I am cognizant of the facts and the Cloward-Piven Strategy as well as the lack of leadership in the political arena to address the necessary measures to return to a responsible fiscal policy. The issue that I want to address is one with “We the People”.

How many conversations have you had concerning your personal finances in respect to credit cards? Have you considered running up multiple credit card balances since the dollar will collapse or hyperinflation will make these debts minuscule or disappear in the future? When people ask me about this “strategy”, I have a succinct answer:

Isn’t this how we got here?

Lack of personal responsibility and loss of morality are the two main character flaws that have put our children’s freedom in jeopardy. I feel that this transference from relying on religious tenets to the state is an integral part of the plan to destroy our country. So a simple question can put this into perspective:

What is the difference between running up credit card debt with the intention of not paying for it (or only paying a reduced portion) and stealing?

Would anyone who is considering this plan consider discussing it personally with their minister, pastor or rabbi? Debt is slavery and this type of greed is nothing more than redistribution of wealth. Morality and virtue are requirements for a successful republic that cannot be compromised. Instead of thinking about what is in your wallet, think about what is in your heart.

David DeGerolamo

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