Israel Thinks Robert Menendez Is a Key Senator

Report: Democratic Senator Bob Menendez Implicated in Another Potential Sex Scandal

Report: Democratic Senator Bob Menendez Implicated in Another Potential Sex Scandal

The administration’s policy against Israel in favor of Iran is causing some Democrat politicians to question the pResident’s betrayal of one of our last remaining allies. It is surprising that Israel thinks Robert Menendez is a key senator since he has been plagued by repeated sex scandals.

From Judicial Watch:

In 2012 Judicial Watch put Menendez on its list of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians.”

But then this politician from New Jersey is the chairman for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Another example of how evil has permeated our “government” in Washington.

David DeGerolamo

Key Senator says Obama push against new Iran sanctions is ‘fear-mongering’

Key Democratic Senator Robert Menendez accused the Obama administration of “fear-mongering” on Wednesday in criticism of the White House’s push to convince Congress not to pass new sanctions on Iran.

Politico quoted Menedez, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman, as saying in an NPR radio interview that he was offended by White House press secretary Jay Carney’s claims that new congressional sanctions would constitute a march to war.

“What I don’t appreciate is when I hear remarks out of the White House spokesman that say … if we’re pursuing sanctions we’re marching the country off to war. I think that’s way over the top, I think that’s fear-mongering,” Politico quoted Menedez as saying.

“We consistently hear about how we have to worry about the hard-liners in Iran. And it seems that the Iranians get to play good cop-bad cop, [Iranian President] Rouhani as the good cop, the hard-liners as the bad cop,” Menendez said, suggesting that hard-line senators could play “bad cop” to Obama’s “good cop.”


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