Italygate Roundup

I read this morning that these claims are baseless according to USA Today. Their “proof” brought this quote to mind:

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While the winners write history, the lies can be exposed if we want to see the truth.

David DeGerolamo

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6 Responses to Italygate Roundup

  1. After watching the entire video, I would strongly urge and advise President Trump to immediately declare a State of Emergency and sign the Insurrection Act allowing the military to take control, and begin Military Tribunals.This Must be done before the Democrats have the opportunity to implement their socialist/communist agenda, which means that it MUST be done BEFORE Biden an Kamala are inaugurated. Once the Biden team is sworn in, it just might be too late to do anything because Trump will be officially out and will have lost his chance of doing anything, then there will be nothing to stop American Patriots from rising up in a civil war, because what Congress and the courts are doing is out-and-out HIGH TREASON against the United States of America, the Constitution and the people of the United States, which has rendered this present government NULL and VOID. So, if President Trump wants to avoid wholesale slaughter across the U.S., he MUST act NOW to Declare a State of Emergency and put into place the INSURRECTION ACT to go after all of the TRAITORS, both within and outside the government, because failure to act NOW, all hell will break loose and there will be no stopping it before the body count builds up…

    • DRenegade says:

      If Biden assumes the office of the Presidency, we will have a civil war. Whether it will be similar to the French Revolution is up to us. I know that the Communists will have no mercy on us as we have already seen.

  2. Why don’t you people at NC Renegades ever post any of my comments?

  3. ApoloDoc says:

    Listened to this while working out this morning, and if this is all true, it is another ‘jaw dropper.’ But we have moved into some sort of never-never-land, a place completely immune to reality.

    When I became a Christian, the Gospel was so clear & obvious. When I began trying to tell others, I was surprised that they utterly missed it. Once I learned about the ‘noetic effect of sin’ (that the fall has impaired our cognitive capacity in some areas, especially that of spiritual truth) it made sense. There is some sort of parallel here, in that somehow reality can be completely ignored by so many people. EVIDENCE? There has been more than enough, and the linked video IF VERIFIED, hits the level of “ABSURD DENIAL req’d to IGNORE.”

    Current circumstances leave me speechless at times. Either this information is FAKE or IT IS TRUE. There is no middle ground, logically. A or not-A. I understand why the political denizens won’t touch it, and their desperate efforts to cut off all non-approved content is necessary. Because if this indeed true, it shatters all illusions about voting & the idea of representative republic. Voting manipulation probably has been present in every election, but this is FAIRY TALE level crazy!

    Finally, glad you are still up & running. Still regret not making the trek to King’s mtn, hope there is a good turnout for SoPrepper’s meetup.

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