IT’S A TRAP, and I’ll be there, in Virginia on January 20th!

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18 Responses to IT’S A TRAP, and I’ll be there, in Virginia on January 20th!

  1. Timothy E. Tucker says:

    Be sure and read the exceptional SITREP under the video, makes the point again, 1st amendment action only. I’m on this page with Rex and Nancy Reagan, “just say No!” For now….TET.

  2. Richard Connolly says:

    Everyone in Virginia seriously concerned about this tyranny against 2A have the solution in their jndividual hands. They like most “Americans” because of mis-education do not understand the Constitution. If you want to know the solution Rex post your contact information and I” ll enlighten you how to peacefully fix the Virginia problem. Man Americans are moving forward on this front as we speak. The problem in Virginia and the country is bigger than you think. Virginia people have a chance to educate the country because it is a focal point. Post your contact info…

  3. Charles in VA says:

    I generally really like Rex’s videos. He seems a passionate young man…emphasis on young. Now to borrow a phrase,”I know a few things because I’ve seen a few things”. I am NOT young. Nor am I stupid.

    So when Rex says, “Show up and say no…and that’s all I’m saying” while giving us that look, we know he’s REALLY saying something entirely different, don’t we? Not that it matters really. We all make our own choices in life unless we are weak minded sheep.

    Wars are not won by bravery. Wars are won through strategy. It is very brave to stick your head in a wood chipper…but is not a good strategy. It accomplishes nothing AND it weakens your cause. Many brave souls volunteer to walk point, but only the most skilled and cunning actually survive the experience.

    This Kabuki theater on the 20th might come off without a hitch. I really hope it does. But that isn’t the point of Kabuki theater, is it?

    We all heard Rex’s description of Gov. Coon Face. It is entirely accurate. You have to ask yourself if someone like that, or anyone following him in lock step, would ever be open to ANY sort of persuasion. The answer is definitively NO.

    These people will ONLY respond to force and we all know it. The only real decision we need to make is what manner of force shall we use…and when. Showing up in mass and NOT using violence is an empty threat that conveys weakness. Showing up in court with an army of lawyers not only instills fear in the enemy, it produces real tangible victories for our cause.


    You may INTEND to remain peaceful, but ask yourself how peaceful you will remain when you’re hit in the head with a concrete milkshake. I’ve seen the same scenario play out in CHURCHES…once quite recently! You really believe it couldn’t happen in a public gun free zone?

    So be aware of ALL your options. Then choose wisely. Wisdom is not cowardice. Cowardice is being panicked into irrational decisions and actions to your own detriment. Wisdom is not weakness. Weakness is the inability to subordinate your emotions to your reason.

    Be strong, brave and wise, and you will have God’s favor…always.

  4. DAN III says:

    “Showing up in court with an army of lawyers….”


    • Charles in VA says:

      I’m gonna show up and wave a sign in the park and everything will go back to the way it was!


      • DAN III says:

        Charlie….just keep fooling yourself that there is justice in the judiciary. Besides….who is going to pay the outlandish fees lawyers demand ? As you embrace attorneys so much….are you ready to commit/donate thousands of dollars to fight the commies in Richmond ? Certainly, the bloodsucking lawyers will embrace you.

        “First, let’s kill all the lawyers.” -- -- William Shakespeare -- --

        • Charles in VA says:

          I’ve ALREADY paid, smart guy. I’m a LIFE NRA member of over forty years and a military veteran. What have YOU done for the cause? Besides crapping on everyone with common sense, I mean.

          The facts are NOT on your side.

          Stupid is its own reward.


          • DAN III says:


            You’re an NRA lifer,eh ? And a “military veteran” ? So what ? Big deal ! Now answer my earlier question: Are you ready to commit /donate thousands of dollars to fight the commies in Richmond ?”

            As a NRA Life Member your couple hundred debt bucks for lifer status is NOT paying for the lawyers you love so much. Your NRA membership only helped (not much btw) to buy LaPierre’s extensive wardrobe, contribute to his 6 figure annual salary and golden parachute, currently valued at more than $4,000,000.00 !!!!

            As you wrote: “Stupid is its own reward”. Hahahaha !

  5. kathie says:

    showing up in court with 100 lawyers does no good with a commie judge on the bench and commies in all branches of the Gov in VA

    • Charles in VA says:

      You obviously have no idea how our Judicial system works and you’re obviously no torte lawyer. Do you even know how a case advances to the Supreme Court? Do you know what an injunction is?

      Google it yourself. I don’t have time to waste trying to educate you on things you should already know as an American.

      Then go visit http://www.NRAILA.ORG and educate yourself some more.

      My daddy always said “I CAN’T never did a damned thing”.

      HELLER vs District of Columbia would never have happened with quitters like you at the helm.

      Thank God for the NRA / ILA !

      • sunny says:

        Oh, crap! Did you really just say Thank God for the NRA/ILA?? Now that is a good one right there.

        The justice system is corrupt to the gills. There is NO justice in the courts and hasn’t been in decades(longer?). You are seriously delusional if you think there is.
        And Heller was not the victory that we have been led to believe.

        • DAN III says:

          Sunny, I could not agree with your remarks more !

        • Charles in VA says:

          Heller wasn’t a victory, huh? Then why are the Libs crapping their pants over it nonstop?

          You wouldn’t by any chance be retarded, would you? Because that would explain a lot.

      • DAN III says:

        Charles….wake up and smell the coffee. Lawyers/attorneys are the lowest respected occupation in the world. Except in the FUSA ! People like you worship the ground those scoundrels walk on. When the lawyers and judges (attorneys) manipulate or ignore the law to further THEIR agenda !

        Even several centuries ago lawyers were despised in Europe. As William Shakespeare wrote: “First, lets kill all the lawyers.”

      • kathie says:

        sorry Charles but you are a legend in your own mind.not to mention arrogant and clueless

  6. Thomas says:

    Pick a spot somewhere between Gary J. Willis and Jack Hinson.

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