It’s about to get Real Sporty: Lake Orion Confrontation, White Woman Falsely Accused Of Racism


Sheriff: Couple arrested, charged in Orion Township parking lot altercation caught on video

2 charged with felonious assault

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard held a news conference Thursday afternoon to address the case. He shared the videos and six different 911 calls. Bouchard said two people — the driver and passenger of the minivan shown in the videos — were arrested and are facing felonious assault charges, a four-year felony. They remained in custody Thursday and were expected to be arraigned in the afternoon.

They were both armed with handguns and both of them had concealed pistol licenses (CPL), the Sheriff said.

Bouchard explained the mother and her two daughters are the ones shown on the videos outside of the vehicle. They were not armed. The woman and man inside the vehicle are married, the Sheriff said.

“There was a bump as they entered and exited (the restaurant),” Bouchard said.

The Sheriff said that prompted the altercation, with the woman denying there was any bump or any contact. Bouchard said responding deputies got very different stories about what happened from the two parties.


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3 Responses to It’s about to get Real Sporty: Lake Orion Confrontation, White Woman Falsely Accused Of Racism

  1. oldtimer505 says:

    Did the police respond and if so what was the outcome?

  2. Rabbi will McCubbins says:

    Mistake. White woman did not kill the hood rats. Another mistake white woman actually wanted the police.

  3. Bob says:

    Regardless of any “bump” that may or may not have happened, what we can be sure happened is the adult black female is blocking the white woman’s departure as she was clearly just trying to leave. Then the black female intentionally moves behind the vehicle to be in the way and try to block the two from departing. Not sure about the laws where they are, but if it is a no duty to retreat, or stand your ground state then clearly the black female is instigating the fight and as many people who have concealed carry permits know, if you start the fight you lose your right to claim self defense. The DA who brought charges is just plain wrong and hopefully the woman and her husband have concealed carry insurance, they are going to need it.

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