It’s Just…

I’ve been seeing this making the rounds, thought I’d share it here. I don’t know who to credit but I thought you folks would enjoy this.

It’s just a mask. It’s just six feet. It’s just two weeks. It’s just non-essential businesses. It’s just non-essential workers. It’s just a bar. It’s just a restaurant. It’s just to keep from overwhelming the hospitals. It’s just until the cases go down. It’s just to flatten the curve. It’s just a few inmates. It’s just to keep others from being scared. It’s just for a few more weeks. It’s just church. You could still pray. It’s just prayer. It’s just until we get a vaccine. It’s just a bracelet. It’s just an app. It’s just for tracing. It’s just to let people know you’re safe to be around. It’s just to let others know who you’ve been in contact with. It’s just a few more months. It’s just some more inmates. It’s just a video. It’s just a post. It’s just an email account. It’s just for protecting other from hate speech. It’s just for protecting others from hurt feelings. It’s just a large gathering but for protests. It’s just a few violent protests. It’s just a little micro chip. It’s just a blood test. It’s just a test. It’s just a scan. It’s just for medical information. It’s just to store a vaccination certificate. It’s just like a credit card. It’s just a few places that don’t take cash. It’s just so you can travel. It’s just so you can get your driver’s license. It’s just so you can vote. It’s just mail-in voting. It’s just a few more years. It’s just a piece of cloth. It’s just a clump of cells. It’s just a fetus. It’s just a religion. It’s just your freedoms….gone forever. And “It’s just” the way they planned it. 2% of the impassioned can rule over the 98% apathetic.

It’s not like we don’t see it coming. Please America, collectively as a nation of GOD FEARING law abiding citizens of the United States… we MUST FIGHT BACK. WE MUST. BEFORE IT’S ALL GONE and we won’t have the ability to get it back. The Devil is running rampant and people are bowing down to it. Wake Up before it’s too late.

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23 Responses to It’s Just…

    • DRenegade says:

      I noticed that this is an archived article. If you go to the link that originally had the article, you will see that they removed it. Masks do work as proven in Europe. You know what else masks do? Provide a means to divide people allowing our enemies to continue their revolution without any opposition.

      • Matt says:

        Visible and easily identifiable sign of who will comply and who will resist social pressures and vague words from govt. agents who must know better.

        • Exring says:

          No Mask! is the Gold Star of David that assists in the identification of those that need to go!

        • DRenegade says:

          Think about your answer in terms of an engineering problem. I believe you will see the design flaws very quickly.

          • Exring says:

            DRenegade, what basis in fact would you like to see? Those that wore the “Gold Star of David” were not likely aware of the far reaching meaning of that requirement. If we do not consider and try to determine the meaning of “meaningless” requirements (and I am very aware of the meaningless requirement of a mask) we will not be capable of performing efficiently when the time comes.

          • DRenegade says:

            The Jews were forced to wear the Star of David to ensure that everyone knew they were Jewish. If the state government mandates the wearing a mask, only those who do not comply will be targeted, not the people wearing the masks. If everyone wore a mask, according to your logic, everyone is an enemy of the people. Where I live, half the people are wearing masks. Of those who wear masks, 90% do not have a proper mask and their hygiene with their hands is about as bad.

          • Matt says:

            That is how I have been trying to look at it. I do think they can help in that they can reduce droplet spread. I don’t think that they are effective against strictly airborne because the size of the virus is smaller than that of even a HEPA filter to contain. What’s more is, as I have said previously, when folks are pulling a dirty one out of their pocket or purse, touching it, adjusting it, etc, in other words using them in a manner that is highly inconsistent with how they are used as PPE in a medical environment that it runs a risk of becoming false security.

            Another example would be the wearing of gloves. While it may keep their hands clean the outside is still contaminated and everything they touch, like the drink cup they just hand you at a drive through, can be contaminated with everything it’s been in contact with. The glove at that point is probably worse than a hand that had been sanitized or washed regularly, which you know the glove was not.

          • Exring says:

            I, obviously, am not good at making my point, the ‘No Mask’ part of my reply was to emphasize the fact that only those ‘without a mask’ will be equivalent to wearing the “Gold Star of David” and it was done without mandating because we refuse to do something as ‘unintelligent’ as wearing a mask that will prevent nothing.

          • DRenegade says:


  1. KD says:

    I think a good many of us see the BS………….. time is a’comin

    • DRenegade says:

      The time is here now. The media, government at all levels and our medical community all have no credibility.

      • jvthomas71 says:

        I agree. Are we all waiting for Paul Revere?

        • William Shaw says:

          We have had, and we now have, numerous Paul Reveres warning us, sounding the alarm. But we have not yet taken to arms. We have not yet used the 2nd Amendment for its intended purpose. I do wonder what we are waiting for. For a leader in the field? For us to be herded into reeducation camps? Our summary executions?

  2. Publius Huldah says:

    Your Words are True. We must resist.

  3. Truth-in-Tension says:

    The article is right on point. I am awake and I would like to fight back against the communist and all the evil that we are now experiencing. I have contacted many times the elected people who are supposed to be representing me to express my dissatisfaction with their actions. I know this is a waste of my time, but I do it anyway. How would you suggest that that we fight back. It is easy to say fight back, but it is much harder to demonstrate how.

  4. Archangel says:

    It’s just a little microchip. “He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name” (Revelation 13:16-17)
    The beast is going to reveal himself soon. Satan is readying his army. Today we are seeing a small prelude of the horrors to come to those who refuse the mark. The persecution has already started.

  5. sawman says:

    Remember we are not descended from fearful men.

  6. Gryphon says:

    Really, the only question now is, “When does the Killing begin?” It has been Obvious for Decades that the bolshevik communists have gained enough control of the ‘government’ to completely Negate the will of the Majority. I see the Wearing of those (bogus, ineffective ) Masks as Compliance with the Enemy. Refusing the Mask will eventually lead to Violence, and I still Won’t Comply.

  7. stumpknocker says:

    I keep reading about how “we must fight back”. Then I read all the comments about the stupid masks and arguing about them.
    Weren’t we all concerned about facial recognition technologies a few months back? Now we actually have a reason to cover our faces but instead it turns into a political discussion.
    If you were to use your 2ndA, wouldn’t you cover your face for the possible benefit of not being identified to protect your loved ones?
    Has every one forgotten the “grey man” tactic? what better way to be grey!
    If your idea of fighting back is to not wear a mask, that’s weak. If your idea is to vote our way out of it, weaker still.
    We are all still too comfortable. Even with football gone, we still have our bbq and beers.
    We should be reading about the other sides tactics and strategies and how to negate them, I don’t need anymore articles about why we need to fight, I need some intel on when and how.
    And stop with the stupid mask crap-use it to your advantage.

    • Exring says:

      Stumpknocker, Your point is well taken. At times I get looking at something so close that I lose sight of the purpose/mission.

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