It’s Not About Masks or Health– It’s About POWER

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4 Responses to It’s Not About Masks or Health– It’s About POWER

  1. Gary Michaels says:

    The Social Distancing and wearing Masks are all about Power, Control and Marxist takeover.
    Me personally I do not and will NOT wear a stupid Mask.
    This is “WAG the VIRUS”. Just like the Movie “WAG the DOG”.
    The Mask wearing thing, is a LIE.

  2. Rabbi will McCubbins says:

    Thank you!

  3. a follower says:

    Yes this too is wear i reside. When we see and understand it is about power, we have a different attitude.
    And yet we should be able to come together, we who believe,we who are not out of control nut jobs.
    Now if i have a need, to go into a nursing home and it is prescribed i will comply, but day to day living stores etc. parks, walking trails. (Get real.) The fear is winning!
    Some of this is just so overblown it is unbelievable.

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