It’s over. The elephant is dead.

I keep reading T.L. Davis’s latest post and want to emphasize the following portion:

It’s over. The elephant is dead. Capitalism is gone, the republic is gone. What we have now is an opportunity to feed off of the dead elephant, to stockpile as much as we can, to distance ourselves from each other and prepare for the ultimate battle for survival. The economic collapse is already in motion. It would have come along anyway, eventually, but this stimulus package stacked on top of the already soaring debt and unfunded liabilities will cripple the nation forever. It will implode. That is not to say that it will not chug along on four square wheels for some time, but the last support has been kicked out from under it, that of the belief in the rule of law and an understanding of global economics. Without those, nothing prevents the ceiling up from crashing down. It is what we recognize in Christianity as faith. Remove faith (as we have) and the only thing left are words, memes circulating the popular sites with no structural substance. 

We may disagree on the pandemic and its eventual consequences. However, can we agree that the impact on the Republic is what Mr. Davis has outlined? Can we agree that this eventuality on irresponsible fiscal policy has only been expedited by this latest “crisis”? Can we agree that faith in God instead of “government” is the path that we must pursue?

I believe in the people. Maybe not today. Maybe not in the near future. But I believe we will come together and when that day comes, the hyenas will face justice.

David DeGerolamo

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3 Responses to It’s over. The elephant is dead.

  1. a follower says:

    i can agree to much of this, and i believe there is a plan. Many will fall for this plan and ideal. i can also understand why, why they will fall for it and perhaps under the spell of it.
    i believe many of us may (God willing) recognize it for what it truly is.
    Much of what we have been told has been lies (including in the churches.) i pray that we all may Honour God and help each other through what is here and what still is to come.
    Glenn Beck spoke several years of the “left” and the apparatus it was building for a global collapse, what makes so many so sure that this is not now what we see transpiring? Including Glenn (it would seem?)
    i found myself so mad yesterday (Not hatred mad) that Glenn could not see that Massey is what we wanted is what we needed, One lone man speaking out against the wrong!
    We are not going to wait to gather in masses of unity and truth, fighting only the battles we can win!
    We are to speak the Truth Guided by God at all times regardless of the headwinds we face. We are to rebuke each others as brothers etc…
    The way Trump came out and ridiculed and mocked this man was very very telling. in my humble opinion. Be loyal and follow me is the message Trump sends.

  2. Gryphon says:

    The Republic ended in 1871 with the ‘incorporation’ of an Indebted ‘government’ where half the States were under Military Occupation by the other half.

    “Capitalism” ended in 1913 when the jews Bribed the Congress and Blackmailed the President to give them Total Control of the Nation’s Money.

    The ‘corporation doing business as’ THE UNITED STATES went Bankrupt in 1933, and the jew banksters took it over as the ‘Creditors’. Under the “Financial Emergency Act of 1933” (Look it Up, and also what Senator James Trafficant said about it) the jew bankers took OWNERSHIP of EVERYTHING AND EVERY ‘PERSON’ in the Nation. Why do you have a “Birth Certificate” and “Social Security Number” (Hollerith STOCK number) ? It is because you are CHATTEL to the banksters. And why do you pay “Property Taxes”? It is because THEY OWN ALL PROPERTY, and You have to Rent it.

    Freedom can only be Restored by the Destruction of Every Element of the bolsheviks’ “Beast System”, and No, ‘jesus’ isn’t going to do it for you. We the People are going to have to Kill and Destroy every Individual and every Vestige of the ‘corporate government’, State, Federal and Local. MAYBE then, a proper Restoration of the Republic can happen.

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