It’s the Looters, Stupid

The Wall Street Journal has posted an article concerning the 2012 presidential elections that has more truth than the people want to hear. If the election is close, the Democrats win because they have the numbers. Although the 2010 census shifted some of the electoral college votes, there are just more looters than producers as Ayn Rand outlined in Atlas Shrugged.

With hands out and promises of redistribution, eighteen blue states will give Obama 90% of the electoral college votes needed to win. Looking at the map below also shows another mathematical corollary: the states with the worst economy are the states that will hand Obama another four years if the analysis is correct.

The life blood of the productive states is being drained by the blue states: an Obama victory will be the end of this country. That is making the assumption that we will have elections in 2012.

David DeGerolamo

Electoral Advantage

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Blue-State Math Is Boon to Obama, Target for GOP

The important thing to remember about a presidential election is that it isn’t a contest to win the popular vote nationwide. It is a contest to win in a combination of states that will produce the 270 votes in the electoral college that give a candidate the majority there.

Therein lies the Democrats’ built-in advantage. They happen to start with a bloc of reliably blue states that is larger, and much richer in electoral votes, than the reliably red bloc Republicans have on their side. If a Democratic presidential candidate merely hangs on to this trove of deep-blue states, he or she is a long way down the road to victory.

Specifically, there are 18 states plus the District of Columbia that have voted Democratic in all five presidential elections since 1992. Combined, they carry 242 electoral votes—90% of the votes needed for victory.

Republicans have a much smaller bloc of highly reliable electoral college votes. There are just 13 states that have gone red in each of the last five elections, and they deliver 102 electoral votes, less than half of the number needed.


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5 Responses to It’s the Looters, Stupid

  1. tmedlin says:

    I think the GOP has a good chance in NC, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, and Indiana -- possibly even Pennsylvania.

    WAY too early to tell, though, and it depends on who the nominee and VP candidate is.

  2. Steph (EternalRiteWing on Twitter) says:

    If we lose the election, it is our own fault. There ARE no excuses this time around. We must continue educating people. Many have abandoned the Democrat party, including a significant percentage of Jews and the black population. Independents are throwing their support for conservatism. Even many Democrats in Congress and Senate recognize that Obama is an empty suit who is destroying our beloved country. It is up to us.

  3. Michael Johnston says:

    The 2 left coasts and other states dominated by leftist democrats are draining the productivity and wealth of the rest of the nation to pay their voters welfare, food stamps, and other government handouts. These programs were designed to be short term assistance until a person could get back on their feet. They have turned into generational “jobs” and the taxpayer can no longer afford to keep the poor in this country in their SUV’s, watching their big screen TV, playing xbox, sucking the life’s blood from the rest of us. The choice is clear…I sure as hell hope America has her glasses on

  4. Matt says:

    You say “The life blood of the productive states is being drained by the blue states:”

    “Productive”? You can’t be serious. It’s actually the other way around. You might want to take a look at the actual FACTS regarding which states are feeding at the federal trough and which states are providing that feed.

    Below are the top 10 states who receive MORE money from the Federal gov’t than they pay in taxes. You referred to them as “looters”, right?

    1. D.C.
    2. N. Dakota
    3. New Mexico
    4. Mississippi
    5. Alaska
    6. W. Virginia
    7. Montana
    8. Alabama
    9. S. Dakota
    10. Arkansas

    The following are the top ten states receiving LESS money from the federal government than they pay in Federal taxes. You would call them “producers”.

    1. New York
    2. Caliornia
    3. Mass.
    4. Colorado
    5. Minnesota
    6. Illinois
    7. Nevada
    8. New Hampshire
    9. Conn.
    10. New Jersey

    • admin says:

      Political payoffs are redistributed in multiple ways:
      Stimulus I
      Find projects by state or territory
      Alabama (318 projects)
      Alaska (46 projects)
      Arizona (743 projects)
      Arkansas (199 projects)
      California (1971 projects)
      Colorado (201 projects)
      Connecticut (449 projects)
      Delaware (7 projects)
      Washington, D.C. (8 projects)
      Florida (1752 projects)
      Georgia (266 projects)
      Hawaii (316 projects)
      Idaho (348 projects)
      Illinois (1031 projects)
      Indiana (713 projects)
      Iowa (51 projects)
      Kansas (139 projects)
      Kentucky (524 projects)
      Louisiana (433 projects)
      Maine (72 projects)
      Maryland (54 projects)
      Massachusetts (266 projects)
      Michigan (782 projects)
      Minnesota (335 projects)
      Mississippi (552 projects)
      Missouri (403 projects)
      Montana (57 projects)
      Nebraska (154 projects)
      Nevada (163 projects)
      New Hampshire (0 projects)
      New Jersey (261 projects)
      New Mexico (215 projects)
      New York (289 projects)
      North Carolina (319 projects)
      North Dakota (61 projects)
      Ohio (847 projects)
      Oklahoma (223 projects)
      Oregon (159 projects)
      Pennsylvania (352 projects)
      Puerto Rico (340 projects)
      Rhode Island (116 projects)
      South Carolina (271 projects)
      South Dakota (30 projects)
      Tennessee (103 projects)
      Texas (1240 projects)
      Utah (298 projects)
      Vermont (61 projects)
      Virginia (400 projects)
      Washington (368 projects)
      West Virginia (1 project)
      Wisconsin (358 projects)
      Wyoming (85 projects)

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