Jackass Conservatives

From YouTube:

Bullheaded Americans often hinder efforts to protect freedom. Time to put differences aside and team up!

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5 Responses to Jackass Conservatives

  1. David says:

    Bill Whittle could be that leader.

  2. Fed Up says:

    I second that, (Bill should be our leader).
    We don’t want a politician because they all have sold us out already.

  3. Emily Disraeli says:

    Time, time is up, we don’t have time for a political answer to over come our country’s destruction. I believe our next political saviour will be another George Washington. The man who leads us to victory against enemies, will be able to unite us all into a great country once again.

    Get prepared, gun up and fight when to war comes to you. All we have to gain is our life, liberty and happiness, for some how we have lost all our freedoms and must fight to regain them.

    Emily Disraeli

    • David says:

      I have made a career out of providing solutions to problems for my clients. I cannot disagree with your assessment and I do not say this lightly. The options that we face will not be solved by the political class responsible for it. I presented the section of the Constitution outlining the scope of power for the Supreme Court and was told that my response was bordering on sedition. If restoring Liberty is now sedition, our course is clear.

      • Fed up says:

        I agree with David’s statement, “If restoring Liberty is now sedition, our course is clear”.
        Why is it that cities can have illegals in a “sanctuary”, but not a sanctuary country for legal guns?

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