Jimmy Carter: “Hamas Can Be Trusted” | Hamas Launches 55 Missiles into Israel

In this handout from the Hamas Government, the head of Hamas goverment in the Gaza Strip,  Ismail Haniyeh (L), meets with former U.S. President Jimmy Carter (R) June 16, 2009 in Gaza City, the Gaza Strip.

Former President Jimmy Carter has asked the Obama administration to support Hamas in the Palestinian Authority. Mr. Carter wrote an article for the Washington Post on May 4th, 2011 “calling on the Obama administration to support the new union between Hamas and Fatah in the Palestinian Authority”.  The following video shows Mr. Carter stating that “Hamas Can Be Trusted”.


For more information, you can buy his new book “We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land”. The following article from August 20th, 2011 shows how much Hamas can be trusted: 55 missiles launched into Israel. At this point, the president has not made any statement condemning this attack while vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard.

David DeGerolamo

Man wounded in Beersheba attack dies of his wounds

Hamas claims responsibility for Beersheba, Ofakim attacks; Ofakim: rocket lands on house causing shrapnel injuries to baby, nine-year-old, man; More than 55 rockets fired from Gaza into southern region. One man died Saturday from injuries sustained when a rocket fired from Gaza exploded in Beersheba. Sirens were heard in Beersheba shortly before a rocket salvo landed in the city, hitting a vehicle and private residence. Sirens could be heard throughout the city shortly before the blast.

Six others were being treated at Soroka University medical Center in Beersheba for injuries they sustained when they were caught running indoors as the rocket barrage landed in the city. Two were in mortal condition, two were in serious condition, and two others sustained moderate injuries. The attack was one in a wider barrage of rockets, with locals reporting hearing at least 11 explosion.

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