John Adams – God Save America Independence Speech

As the 4th approaches, I would encourage those of you who have not seen the mini-series John Adams, to please watch it.

I have seen it numerous times and always watch it this time of year.

We are letting these Gentlemen down. We need their courage.

I don’t feel there is much to celebrate this July 4th.


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5 Responses to John Adams – God Save America Independence Speech

  1. James says:

    Take heart. There is as much to celebrate now as there ever has been. No past deeds are undone, no courage lost. Those deeds and courage will stand, the question is will we? Fireworks were always derived from firefights. I know the left’s revolution has begun and they will not stop until they have destroyed the most successful country the world has ever known. I also know I will be standing proud, flags unfurled to every breeze, celebrating the birth of my nation.

  2. Timothy E. Tucker says:

    ” I know the left’s revolution has begun and they will not stop until they have destroyed the most successful country the world has ever known. ”

    So, when are we going to start asking the question, Who are these people who want to tear down this country? What do they want? Where do they live and organize from? Are they walking the streets among us or are they sequestered away from the violence in dark bunkers waiting for their minions to complete their contracts? I have some answers to these questions which are good enough for me to make a strategy against these tyrants. It will take many like minded individuals to get the job done and I don’t know that many personally. What to do? Ideas? Comments? My next post will outline the task at hand, we are all already compromised and marked for destruction due to politics and color of skin. Admin and the Rabbi may contact me for a preview. You have my contact details.

  3. a follower says:

    Can anyone discern what is wrong with this?This is the last paragraph of Mike Pence address to Oklahoma introducing the President.
    What is wrong is very similar to Obama’s speech at the Twin Towers ceremony.

    We are going to have that great American comeback, we are going to make America and Oklahoma stronger and more prosperous than ever before, and with President Donald Trump in the white house for four more years, and with Gods help, we will make America great again,again, thank you Oklahoma. God bless you. Music “Only in America.”

    And No i do not think he or many are consciously doing or saying these thing on purpose. And yet we can see them.

  4. James says:

    Mr. Tucker,
    As I see it, the enemy situation is that there are local factions of communist/socialist agitators in every metropolitan area. These communist factions are organized, well funded, and very good at recruiting. The democratic socialist party has websites that offer indoctrination, training, and community outreach. In many cases a social network analysis on facebook and twitter of any of the popular socialist movements will provide you with agitators local to you, make hard copies of your analysis. The enemy’s most likely course of action is political indoctrination of the local population and a soft take over of local institutions. We have seen this activity on the national level. The enemy’s most dangerous course of action is rioting and looting to force local politicians to acquiesce to their demands for transition of power and to intimidate the local population.
    The friendly situation is only what you can muster locally through your own outreach, activities, and recruiting. The Graham Kill House Rules apply. You and your community are all that you have, there are no reinforcements available. Your intelligence capability will drive the fight and provide you with early warning if done properly (see If done improperly, godspeed to you.
    The mission for every community is: Commencing immediately Task Force Local conducts operations to resist the communist putsch at the level you deem necessary, be it the ballot box or otherwise as the situation dictates, in order to secure your area of operations for yourself and future generations.
    You will execute your mission based on your chosen course of action. Your efforts to educate your community, recruit like minded individuals, and field a team of patriots will be the difference between success and failure. Your intelligence effort will provide defense and targeting information for kinetic operations if/when required. An example scheme of maneuver would be meeting friendlies at a local church or shooting range, exchanging phone numbers and coordinating follow-on meetings and activities that may include but are not limited to dining, hiking, ham radio contacts, or other social activities that are NOT social media based. You may even make new friends and have conversations about forming a local intelligence cell (ACE), patrolling techniques and small unit tactics (both urban and rural, Onpoint Tactical), and in extremis communications. Follow on meetings to practice TTP’s or to get formal training will increase the likelihood of your success. Sending individuals to formal training schools and then having them train your team is highly encouraged. Get your team into the community in a positive way without plate carriers and weapons. The more people in your community see you and your team genuinely helping and building trust in your AO the more they will back you should things get ugly.
    Logistics are on you. As you train with your team you will see gaps in what you need. Fill the necessary gaps first before getting things on the want list- capability first, nice stuff later. Encourage every member of your team to get themselves set up. Community preparedness means individuals being prepared so they are not a drain on everyone else.
    Signals: Decide on what forms of communications your team will adopt. If using ham radio AmRRON has training and practice nets. Brushbeater is a highly trained and willing source of instruction. Research non-license forms of communications as well. Develop your own signals direction finding (DF) capabilities by joining a local ham radio club’s fox hunt, this will help you to understand your own vulnerabilities to DF and monitoring. Get a signals intelligence cell in place, even if it consists of grand parents listening to a scanner because everyone on your side can help in some way.

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