Joyeux Noël

Tis the Season to by Jolly. However, the message at church this week was the same: we are sinful creatures who have no hope at redemption except by accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. I get it. I too can read. I also read hope in the scriptures and the goal of achieving the perfection as close to Jesus Christ as possible. You cannot achieve near perfection by continuing to wallow in the mud.

I want to be joyful at Christmas. The French call Christmas Joyeux Noël or joyous Christmas. It should be our intent to be joyous at this time of the year. I understand that December 25th is not the true birthday of Christ. I understand the pagan traditions associated with the Winter Solstice. I believe that we can take one day (or a few days) each year and show good will toward men.

With this understanding, take some time and reflect on the real meaning of life and family.

Merry Christmas,

David DeGerolamo

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2 Responses to Joyeux Noël

  1. a follower says:

    “One day or a few for good will towards men.”
    Perhaps we could work towards expanding this to good will towards God and man everyday? i believe this was the lesson of Christ, to follow in His footsteps. And yes it is a daily struggle, are we up for it? Should we be?
    Always keeping in mind we are not perfect, we are works in progress, just as others are.

  2. Robin says:

    Thank You and Merry Christmas David. Great post!

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