Karen Hudes Predicts Lawlessness when U S Dollar Loses International Currency Status

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11 Responses to Karen Hudes Predicts Lawlessness when U S Dollar Loses International Currency Status

  1. fed up says:

    When it the real thing going to happen? I live in FEMA zone 3 and the “power grid” test is suppose to happen in November. Testing what? WHY?

  2. Harpo Marx says:

    I’ve heard stories of when the US military changed over from MPC (aka script/funny money) and what happened to people stuck with a small fortune of now worthless script. Saw a bar in Korea that papered a wall with script they were unable to exchange. Might be as bad or worse.

  3. Bob says:

    Perhaps its just me but although she did respond to the questions of how bad it could get, she seemed must more optimistic that it would not end that way and people would demand alternatives such as individual state run banks and alternative currency like bitcoin. Maybe I need to listen more closely.

  4. fed up says:

    Bob, with what currency would such a “state run bank” issue? backed by what? How would you propose to purchase Bit coins? With what? What basis will we use as a rate of exchange? Do you think the guy at the farmers market will take a Bit coin? How about the baby sitter, laundry mat, parking meter etc. Will there even be communications? When the dollar collapses you will need wheel barrels of cash to buy bread just like in Germany after the war. If you go to a guy that has a garden and offer him your gold coins for some of his corn he will probably not be able to make change and prefer to feed his family than to have a worthless gold coin. You can’t eat a gold coin. when the dollar collapses how will the value of gold be based? Upon which countries currency? I know what she said but we have all listened to many other speculators. The ones that are “in the know” know nothing. When the dollar collapses there will be starvation, anarchy, food riots, mayhem, turf wars, roaming gangs, looting and every other destructive thing that you can’t imagine. Who made this lady’s opinion valid? That’s just my opinion.

  5. Bob says:

    Fed Up,Any bank at the local or state level would have to back their currency with precious metals while at the same time secede from the union, and become their own republic. If the dollar is crashing that hard fed.gov would likely not be able to respond and stop them from doing it. Would their be anarchy? Certainly in the short term, but I have to think that a strong state legislature with the foresight to plan now for this could provide the stability its people needed.The state would have to plan for, among other things, securing its borders, issuing a state currency, put in place trade agreements with foreign countries and have a plan to deal with immigration because if the state was successful in stabilizing the situation many people from other states would want to move there. As we know uncontrolled immigration is terrible for a nation. I am not sure if it helps but I have written to my state rep about such a contingincy plan. As expected he did not reply. In the mean time your right food, medicine, ammo, clean water are going to be much more valuable so plan accordingly. Good luck.

    • fed up says:

      Thanks Bob, I just don’t see states like California being able to do anything you listed though. There are quite a few states in dire straits currently as we all know. I, like you and many others will bank on what we have and the means used to grow it, eat it and protect it. I’m not a “Prepper” like you see on TV but I’m more like the pre 1900 type. This is going to be quite a show when it begins. May God Bless all the ones that heed the warning of the future times.

      • Dwrench says:

        I tend to agree with FedUp. I cannot think of any state legislature that has a plan for a crash of currencies. Hell, they can rarely agree on anything except raising taxes to fund entitlements. Thinking the state has a plan is a fool’s errand. Thinking any bank has plan is likewise. We will be on our own. Gold, silver, barter will be the exchange IMHO. Seems to have worked in the past until the crook bankers and politicians in the bankers pockets figure out how to rob ugain.

  6. Jeff Marshalek says:

    The focus of the interviewer was not aligned with what Karen Hudes was trying to reveal. According to Hudes, she is encouraged by what she is witnessing amongst some who are preparing for a showdown with the corrupt banking system that found it’s birth in Italy during the rule of the Medici Family. Today’s banking system represents the fruit of what the Medici dynasty created back in the 1400 through 1600s. Hudes pointed out that the Vatican run by the Jesuits have created this corrupt system, and that much of the world suffers under this evil system. Listen carefully, she points to a growing alliance populated with military and state leaders who are working behind the scenes to free us from this corrupt system. She also points out that the Vatican owns vast amounts of gold and therefore has the ability to make or break the intrinsic value of the commodity.

    • fed up says:

      Oh, “she points to a growing alliance populated with military and state leaders who are working behind the scenes to free us from this corrupt system”. Well I feel much better now knowing that it isn’t the federal government under o’bama that will bankrupt the country. I see my taxes going down all the time. Ha Ha You mean it isn’t the big banks that run everything? John Corsine has no idea what happened to the billions of dollars that mysterious disappeared. I bet some gang of priests came in at night and stole it.
      We all know the Catholic church is up to no good. We know there is alot of gold and other goods like land and oil in their coffers. But to think that the military and state leaders are trying to help us out means you need to stop drinking the kool aide and start eating some meat.

      • Jeff Marshalek says:

        In reality Obama is just the representative doing the bidding of a corrupt world system. Hudes alludes to a group of individuals who are working to extricate the U.S. from their grip. Hopefully these individuals are like minded with those who have gone before us…those who rejected the rule of England in the 1770’s. England has never quit trying to reestablish rule over the United States. The banking system that migrated from Italy to England at the fall of the Medici reign, re-established it’s control over the United States in 1913.

        I believe a financial collapse is unavoidable. But life would be much more bearable knowing the the United States rejected once again the tentacles of the beast. And that God once again restores His grace upon this nation of people who bless Him.

  7. Jeff Marshalek says:

    This video speaks about the relationship that exists between England and the Vatican…

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