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Mt Top Patriot said…

I suspect there is another facet to the fear and loathing of Dorner. No matter the cost, no matter the collateral damage, it is far more important he be executed with extreme prejudice rather than be brought in and risk the chance of exposure of all the ugly truths.

Part of the truth, like so many police departments, they are now essentially nothing but little banana military republics, heinous bloodsucking public trough feeding apparatchiks of the local and state oligarchy, mall ninja’s who as long as the fig leaf of legitimacy is hung, have it easy as a country club. Praetorian Guards for the ruling class idiots who think banning people an inanimate object like a rifle that has the same capacity and accuracy as they carry is going to assure a monopoly of violence, hence the power rob with impunity, and to rule over every aspect of the lives of those same people.

It all still, everything, no matter how one slices it, comes down to guns. Especially “Assault Weapons”. The elites are correct, dead nuts right, to call the AR-15 an assault weapon.

If you give it a good think, what is it that the elites and their apparatchiks fear most? Why I think that is very simple. The AR-15, and many other fine military arms in the hands of those not afraid of the ruling tyrants. It is these arms that are going to be used in the assault on them and their crimes of broken trusts, theft, corruptions, treason’s and tyranny.

They know that and understand it only as people who are guilty of such crimes and treason can know.

It is not Dorner who is the threat, it is the threat of exposure of how utterly corrupted and useless to us as a society the very idea of “Law Enforcement” is as an institution today, but furthermore, the truth that the social contract of respect for the law, by those who are entrusted to protect and defend that societal system of trust no longer exists.

And in this lays the idea of legitimacy. Dorner is going to lay bare the lie that “Law Enforcement”, like it’s political brethren in treason, has not an iota of legitimacy today.

February 12, 2013 at 8:14 AM

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