Land of the Crazed: Why Are Maniacs Like Elliot Rodgers Allowed to Roam Free?

From YouTube:

Mass murderer Elliot Rodger was described as a “serial killer in the making” in an online forum. He was allegedly on a number of psychiatric drugs during his youth, and allegedly had violent tendencies. The signs were there, so why was nothing done to protect the public from Elliot Rodger and his mental illness?

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3 Responses to Land of the Crazed: Why Are Maniacs Like Elliot Rodgers Allowed to Roam Free?

  1. Because we don’t have a Department of Pre-Crime…and God willing, we never will.

    The boy was sick, and dangerously so, but unless we want to return to the days of involuntary commitment, when two licensed (by whom?) psychiatrists who’ve never even spoken to you could lock you away indefinitely, with absolutely no appeal, until some other psychiatrist should decide that you’re “safe,” this is something we have to tolerate.

    Don’t like it? Neither do I. But it’s one of the prices of freedom. No one ever promised us perfect safety, from others or ourselves.

  2. Rich says:

    A mental health professional called talk radio today and was actually honest in her opinion..
    She said Rodger was not a schizophreniac but rather an organized. calculating killer..
    Schizophreniacs could not pull it together enough to hide it yet to pull something like this off..

    Ann Coulter last night talked about disarming Schizos…Coulter needs to do some research..

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