Leftists: We Are Done With You, and You’re Sitting Ducks


What will happen to urban centers without electricity, cash machines, cash, rail, and truck transport in the depth of winter or heat of summer? What happened in Baltimore, LA, St Louis? How many days before people with AR15’s don’t have to do anything but wait?

Why will police do anything under those circumstances except stay in the barracks and defend themselves and their families? What makes you think the military will do anything at all against its own people? What happened each time they have? What will foreign powers do?

Our soldiers have lost every 4GW war that they’ve fought. Why do you think they won’t lose this one? How long did the government last before collapsing due to violence in the 60’s? 3 Weeks. The USA’s standing in the world is predicated on an illusion of power rapidly dispelled.

You see, you think of marches in the streets. We think of the gradual sieging of population centers dependent on trade networks, power, communication, and redistribution checks. It takes 500 men to end American dominance in the world in just 90 days. And then we come for enemies.

The Roman Empire like the American was destroyed in about seventy years, by the same people by the same method. Fool us once shame on you. We will not be fooled twice.
Either we end the liberal program and fundamentalism like we did communism, or we lose 100m people. Choose.

There are at least 6M men like me. There are as many as 22M. There are less than 2M active forces, of which only 200k are available, and they cannot use combined arms on populations in population centers. Only two cities, NY and DC have police forces that can hold out for 3 days

So do not speak in confidence of grave matters, as if you have any idea what you speak about. You want a revolution you are probably going to get one. And everyone knows it. You know what else they know? The right wing always wins in every simulation and war game.

If you think you can get rid of guns door to door why don’t you think we can get rid of every illegal immigrant, and revoke the citizenship of every immigrant legal or not back to the 1965 Hart Cellar immigration act door to door?

What will you do when those men with AR15’s get $2000 per person to deliver these illegals to work and deportation camps?

Why do you think it’s not possible when the Chinese are doing it today.

We are done with you – and you’re sitting ducks.


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4 Responses to Leftists: We Are Done With You, and You’re Sitting Ducks

  1. Patrick Clemons says:

    ..do the gun confiscation people think that law enforcement people are going to go do the lefts dirty work while their families are at home unprotected from pissed off neighbors………think again shit for brains….

  2. Rabbi Will says:

    Cops do the dirty work of the entire perverted legal system right now today! And yesterday! And tomorrow! So dont give them too much credit!

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