Legal Update on a Winning Pathway with the Supreme Court

Let’s bottom line this election: there is not enough time to prove fraud in several states prior to the electoral college vote in December. The only pathway is for the Supreme Court to overturn the election results and have the House vote on the next President.

This was the reason the Democrats opposed filling the vacant seat on the Supreme Court. We will never know if John Roberts would have stalemated that vote if the vacancy was left unfilled. I pray that the current Court will support the Constitution.

I also hope that the people responsible for the ongoing coup attempts will be brought to justice. This will be the path forward with the least bloodshed.

David DeGerolamo

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1 Response to Legal Update on a Winning Pathway with the Supreme Court

  1. bob says:

    Trump is not going to get any help,from the Supreme court,or any other part of this Corrupt evil justice system,The ones that are not part of this treasonous plot to over throw our President, are compromised by their Sexual perversion, or some other Dark secret that they will do anything to keep quiet. Trump has the power to kill this,and if He lives it will be stopped. And I pray for that to happen.
    BUT, regardless of this,we are going to still have WAR here in America. There is no going back, To many people have been shown as the traitor they are. To many plans have been put in play, As in all things, there is a line that once crossed, there no going back. And that line, has been crossed. It’s now just a question of whether God will have Mercy upon us.And after the way people of America has treated God,and turned their backs on Him, allowed Prayer taken away from the Children, let millions upon millions of innocent little babies to be Slaughtered in the Womb, legalized the perversion of Homosexual marriage,and every other forms of perversion.And I could go on and on. We see Sin and Perversion ever where you look, And I going to say this ” JUDGEMENT HAS WENT FORTH,FROM THE THRONE OF GOD, AGAINST THIS LAND. ” SEEK GOD’S FORGIVENESS AND MERCY, BEFORE THIS DOOR IS CLOSED.

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