Less Than One Week Away To Prepare NOW

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3 Responses to Less Than One Week Away To Prepare NOW

  1. bob Harkins says:

    If a person ain’t got ready for what coming, by now,they are in a world of Hurt. Thanks God for men like Steve Quayle who is doing his best to help people, He has been warning about this and he trying to help people. SEEK GOD’S FORGIVENESS AND MERCY.

  2. david812942 says:

    I agree with you I have been telling people for years that the need to prepare for anything food, ammo, other things for bad times, Bad Storms, Lights out ,riots, what ever. The government .has warned people to have three months of supplies. I say take that and multiply that to a year. things that they mite need should be stored. Two is one and one is none. God bless you for what you do.
    Keep your awareness High, You powder dry, and your Faith strong.

  3. Timinillinois says:

    “My hope is built on nothing less, “

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