Let Them Have C.H.A.Z.: Seattle’s Armed Camp Run by Warlords Best Ad for Progressivism

Antifa and their supporters run a six-block zone in Seattle called the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (C.H.A.Z.), where peace and love reign, if you believe the warlords who run the armed camp, or their enablers in government. Bill Whittle says the best way to demonstrate the consequences of Progressivism and Socialism is to let them have it. Make C.H.A.Z. a living, breathing, burning, ad for Progressivism.

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3 Responses to Let Them Have C.H.A.Z.: Seattle’s Armed Camp Run by Warlords Best Ad for Progressivism

  1. mike says:

    San Francisco was just like that in 1967. It was such a stinking cesspool that even George Harrison of the BEATLES said as much, called the people living there filthy and refused to go anywhere near the place. The marketing job on the “Summer of Love” and the whole Haight Ashbury thing was a complete success in purging any recollection of the truth. Same with the Woodstock 69 episode, three days of compacted filth and trolling for free love while wadding through other peoples feces and mud. The whole thing has been sanitized by the propagandists.

  2. YouBetterYouBet says:

    Seeing the pictures from CHAZ, it looks to this soldier like a new Mogadishu rising. Filth and ignorance have their own kind of gravity, and Portland has become a massive enough shithole that it is now exhibiting it’s own gravity, drawing in all the wretchedness and depravity it can acquire.

    As problems go, this is a good one to have -- it will solve itself. This display is not near anything important, such as food or fuel production facilities, or anything of cultural value, so it is at least self-isolated; CHAZ and its residents are clearly not self-supporting, nor even of maintaining order in “their territory” (so this is the first honest display the Democrats have put on since the ’60s); it is a self-solving problem because that which cannot continue, will not. They will leave -- unwillingly but on their own -- when the looting is over, the food gone, and their preschool tempers can extract no further satisfaction from the situation.

    In the mean time, a management strategy presents itself: They’ve declared “independence” and made themselves a new nation. Fine, recognize them as such. Those occupying the separated area are no longer citizens of the US, nor have any right, claim, or recourse upon OUR land, resources, nor our Constitution or legal system.

    Recognizing CHAZ for the foreign entity it is, declare CHAZ a terror-supporting nation, and deny them even “humanitarian” aid. Freeze/Seize all assets in US institutions belonging to CHAZians, including corporate sponsors of CHAZian violence such as farcebook, twatter, etc.

    Withdraw the police, fire, and EMS service people from the area (already done). Turn off the electricity, water, phones, internet, and any other utilities/resources they’re not paying for.

    Mail? Form your own post office and make it work.

    Trade? We have no treaties to facilitate it. No food or supplies go in except as personal property. Period. That means, if you want to bring in provisions, then you take them in personally. No mail, couriers, delivery drivers, etc. without all the usual international costs, delays, and restrictions.

    No right of return. If you enter CHAZ, you may never return to the US, 1. Because you’ve committed Treason (by supporting an enemy combatant nation) which is an automatic surrender of US citizenship, and 2. because you are now a fugitive felon who has supported terrorists. The penalty for attempted re-entry to the US after entering any terrorist nation should be death, IMHO, and I find no cause for exception here.

    Military action against CHAZ icould thus be held as a perfect analog-in-miniature of the first American civil war… wherein a bunch of people decided to break off from a society, they found intolerable and faced a war to protect what they believed in. Should CHAZ then be shocked when they receive the same treatment the tyrant Lincoln lavished upon the Southern States 150 years ago? If, as they say, Lincoln was a hero who did exactly as he should have… then they are in for a rude awakening when they receive the same.

    Resolution? CHAZ and its supporters must surrender and face the consequences; or not and face the greater consequences…

    When is it time to eradicate their influence on our children?
    Shoon. Very shoon.

  3. mike says:

    It seems very possible to me that this 6 block trial balloon will be replicated on a citywide scale elsewhere. The feeble attempts at it so far will get more organized. The real problem will likely be back in Minneapolis when the 125K local islamists set up a shiria no go zone. That one will require JDAMS to remove and I doubt anyone will have the resolve to do it. All islamist pockets nationwide will follow in the same manner and inaction will trigger a modern succession wave of states, partial states, regions, overseas territories, city states, and mini-states. The only ones likely to get bombed or invaded would be anything smacking of Heritage American Republicanism.

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