Let us be #2 this time …

Republican lawmakers in South Carolina have introduced a bill that opens up secession talks, should the federal government confiscate legally purchased guns. The bill, referred to the state House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, states that “the general assembly shall convene to consider whether to secede from the United States based upon the federal government’s unconstitutional violation of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution if the federal government confiscates legally purchased firearms in this state.”

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Let us go one step better and honor the intent of our founders: ignore this “legally purchased” crap … ANY weapon is lawful if held in the hands of good men for peaceful purposes … i.e. defense of life and property under common law.

NOTE: We were pretty close to the bottom of the list last time …

  1. South Carolina on December 20, 1860
  2. Mississippi on January 9th, 1861
  3. Florida on January 10th, 1861
  4. Alabama on January 11th, 1861
  5. Georgia on Janaury 19th, 1861
  6. Louisiana on January 26th, 1861
  7. Texas on February 1st, 1861
  8. Virginia on April 17th, 1861
  9. Arkansas on May 6th, 1861
  10. North Carolina on May 20th, 1861
  11. Tennessee on June 8th, 1861
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2 Responses to Let us be #2 this time …

  1. Comrade Obama says:

    I’m with the patriots of SC. Defend the Constitution!

  2. Robin Suggs says:

    Why start or stop with just the 2nd? Why not consider ALL transgressions against the rest of the US Constitution as grounds for secession as well?

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