Let Us Remember Who Is Really Important


I would have included politicians but the point has been made.

David DeGerolamo

h/t Matt Bracken

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6 Responses to Let Us Remember Who Is Really Important

  1. Hadenoughalready says:

    I think most of us have always known this, just chose to overlook the obvious.
    What this calamity has brought to light is a re-cognition of the importance of the simple things; like food and family, and , above all, our liberty. THAT, my friends, is what is being threatened.
    Remember these words: “if we are to trade liberty for security, we deserve neither” (paraphrased).
    I’ve notice, on my last trip to the grocery store, a sort of comeradery amongst the patrons as we waited for the customers to come out so we could go in.
    I, personally, believe this world has had an awakening, of sorts, and I pray it only continues.
    Just an opinion, of course.

  2. Hadenoughalready says:

    Adding to my previous comment, and speaking of “cameradery”: Upon exiting the store with my meager plunder, and after securing my goods in my vehicle, I bellowed to the small crowd, as a typical auctioneer “ok, folks. Let’s start the bidding at $20.00. Anyone wanna buy a carriage? The first twenty dollars takes it”… At least I got them laughing.
    Let’s make the best of a bad situation while we can. It’s not over yet…

  3. a follower says:

    Who is really important? God and each other. Regardless of position, achievements and or stature.
    The world seems bent on making heroes.

  4. Mayt says:

    A friend used to work for a Japanese owned company. Every year, the CEO would visit from Japan. The first thing he looked at was the state of the bathrooms. His reasoning was that if they were in good condition it is likely the production lines were too. Ask yourself, how long could a company survive without its CEO? How long could it survive without it’s janitor?

  5. a follower says:

    For all intensive purposes America is representative of Israel, We are the Birth rite Nation, spoken of in the Bible through Abraham. The Birth rite promise and covenant with God. Have we(as a Nation) as a people, held up our side of the covenant, or have we too fallen away as has much of the world? Has a falling away happened,and we have not noticed? Have we been going through cycles of Judgement?
    As the world is going through darkness, and it is during the time many recognize Easter and or Pass over, what are we thinking of? What is the world focused on? Do we see the Light of Christ? Or are we focused on what the world is turning our attn.too? Are we upset the Bars and restaurants are closed, the economy is collapsing. Are we worried what each day may bring? How does this align with what Christ has taught us?
    While many are being told by the government to stay in your homes while danger passes by , consider Passover.
    Also consider The persecution of our Master, what he was going through in His days on this earth. Where was He in His walk? Was He focused on mans gov. or His Fathers Gov.?
    During this time of darkness are we seeing the Light? Do we see the God of correction, and give praise too Him in all things?

  6. Les says:

    “What… me worry?” as world-famous Alfred E. Newman once exclaimed. Its all under control, folks. Have no fear.
    The wife and I have been safe on this mountain for the past several weeks and we haven’t murdered each other yet. Been getting a lot of stuff done we’ve been putting off. The only real change for us is not going to the gym several times per week, but we are staying fit, and busy. Its a good chance for everyone to slow down and smell those roses and rediscover whats really important.

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