Lets Roll! 8th NC PATCON September 30 – October 5th 2015

The 8th NC PATCON will go on as planned. The large tent will be covered on all four sides. Thunderstorms and 15 mph winds are forecast for Saturday.


Our ancestors would be ashamed of us if we didn’t!

One more scene I can remember. Kind friends, you that know nothing of a soldier’s life. I ask you in all candor not to doubt the following lines in this sketch. You have no doubt read of the old Roman soldier found amid the ruins of Pompeii, who had stood there for sixteen hundred years, and when he was excavated was found at his post with his sword clasped in his skeleton hands. You believe this because it is written in history.

I have heard, politicians tell it. I have heard it told from the sacred desk. It is true; no one doubts it. Now, were I to tell something that happened in this nineteenth century exactly similar, you would hardly believe it. But whether you believe it or not, it is for you to say. At a little village called Hampshire Crossing, our regiment was ordered to go to a little stream called St. John’s Run, to relieve the 14th Georgia Regiment and the 3rd Arkansas. I cannot tell the facts as I desire to.

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