Letter: Trump is destroying our country in more ways than one

From the Salisbury Post:

Caging children is more than the last straw of all of the misdeeds by Donald J. Trump.

He has destroyed the standing of the USA in the world, torn apart protections for the environment, on the way to destroying the health care system for all but the wealthy, praised dictators while breaking away from our allies, and the list is too long for this letter to list them all.

His heartless decision to rip children from the arms of their family at the border and put them in detention and cages is too horrible for words to describe. And, no, it is not the doing of the Democrats as he continues to fabricate.

He is destroying the country in more ways than one, and it is so hard to believe that so many of his followers continue to believe and follow him. Are these detention centers the beginning of the holocaust in the USA?

He calls the real news “fake news,” as have other dictatorial leaders who don’t want the press to report on their misdeeds and show them in a bad light. Freedom of speech is one of our greatest freedoms. He also flies in the face of freedom of religion with his treatment of those different from his misguided religious-right followers.

Wake up, my fellow Americans. We don’t want to get any closer to Nazi Germany than we are already. Innocent children being treated this way will never recover.

— Pat Bullard

China Grove


I encourage you to read the comments.

h/t Wes Rhinier

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3 Responses to Letter: Trump is destroying our country in more ways than one

  1. Comrade Obama says:

    Does Happy Dales know the author has escaped his minder?

  2. winston8583 says:

    Liberal piece of shit.Dont come to this country illegally

  3. Exring says:

    Does the author understand that the pics that have been used (put on TV and published) are from the Obama era and that there is NO correlation between the real parents of some of these Illegals and “fake” parents seeking entry in to OUR United States. Yes, they are ILLEGAL, and this should supercede all other considerations. But, what HRC (Hillary R. Clinton) has done is illegal and look at what our Legal System has done to correct that wrong.

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